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A New Trend in Men’s Jewelry Fashion: Pearl 

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In recent years, men’s jewelry has become exceedingly popular, especially because of famous celebrities and singers sporting some stunning ornaments. Singers like Shawn Mendes, Drake, and even actors like Timothee Chalamet have worn jewelry pieces beyond typical pieces like rings or chains. One standout style that has been observed is pearl jewelry. 

Pearl has always had a strong position in the jewelry industry for women, but men have taken it to a higher notch this time. Pearl jewelry has become the new look for every jewelry lover, especially men who have embraced pearl sets, breaking gender norms. Pharrell Williams’ walk down the ramp with a pearl necklace was stunning and mesmerising. Harry Styles’ look for the Met Gala with a pearl earring shook the jewelry industry. 

Pearl Jewelry - Necklaces and Chokers 

Pearl necklaces for men are very popular in the jewelry industry with their fluid and unique style. The beads of pearls woven together with distinctive designs hit differently when worn around a man’s neck. The pearl chokers can be styled with a brooch to give a modernised style. A regular pearl necklace can be assembled as a choker to give a chic style for men. The new trend of pearl necklaces and chokers for men’s jewelry breaks stereotypes and creates a unique and bold statement. 

Earrings Dropped with Pearls 

Pearl earrings are all set to create a unisex style that is charming and distinctive. While the jewelry industry is used to making such pieces for women, there are new trends that one must take note of. The stud style is the new look for men, and pearl studs look exceptionally gorgeous. Pearls blended with gold, silver, and other semi-precious stones in earrings highlight and emphasise the uniqueness of the pearl to the world. Dangling pearl earrings are also part of men’s jewelry trends. 

Bracelets and Rings to Adorn your Hands 

Pearl can add allure to any of your outfits and make you look bold and bright. Pearls combined with chunky silver link bracelets can be worn by men to add that extra glamour to their look. A bracelet featuring a simple string of pearls can also make quite the statement. Pearl rings for men have also made their imprint in the jewelry industry. The Turkish jewelry industry has created signature pearl rings for men that showcase the country’s heritage. 

Meet the World at the Jewelry Exhibition

The Istanbul Jewelry Show is one of the biggest jewelry trade fairs. You can find the best international and Turkish jewelry here. Some of the major Turkish jewelry exports negotiations are conducted at this jewelry show. The 51th edition of the Istanbul Jewelry Show will take place between 24-27 March 2022 at the Istanbul Expo Center. Subscribe to our e-newsletter by clicking here to learn when online registration is live. 


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