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26,000+ buyers from 143 countries met in Istanbul!

Istanbul Jewelry Show – October 2022 organized by Informa Markets between 06 to 09 October, 2022, as sponsored by Elmas Kule, gathered representatives of the jewelry industry from all around the world at Istanbul Expo Center. Products and services designed exclusively for the exhibition by 1,000 companies and brands from 12 countries were presented to 26,054 professionals of the industry from 143 countries. The orders placed during the exhibition and new business agreements accelerated the world jewelry trade at a considerable rate, in particular Türkiye’s jewelry export. In comparison with the exhibition held in October 2021, an increase by 13% has been achieved in the October 2022 exhibition and 38% of the visitors of the exhibition consisted of buyers from overseas.


11 October 2022, Istanbul – One of the most significant jewelry industry on the global calendar and held under the sponsorship of Elmas Kule, Istanbul Jewelry Show enabled new cooperation opportunities and a unique exchange of information, by bringing together important companies and brands of the industry, and professionals of the jewelry industry. JTR-Jewellery Technology Research assumed the knowledge sponsor role and Loomis undertook the safe sponsor role for the exhibition, where exhibitors received all their orders until the first quarter of 2023.

The October exhibition not only hosted the highest number of visitors in its history, but also a great increase in the number of visitor countries was achieved.

 In comparison with the exhibition held in October 2021, Istanbul Jewelry Show-October 2022 exhibition achieved an increase by 13% in the number of visitors. Again, in comparison with the October 2021 exhibition, the October 2022 exhibition achieved an increase by 167% in the number of visitors from the South American countries, 122% in the number of visitors from Asian countries, 107% in the number of visitors from the North African countries, 90% in the number of visitors from the Middle Eastern countries, 84% in the number of visitors from Russia and CIS countries, 64% in the number of visitors from the European countries, 64% in the number of visitors from the North American countries, including the United States of America, 45% in the number of visitors from African countries and 41% in the number of visitors from the Balkan states.

With a view to boost export, discover new markets for export products and ensure that sellers preserve their existing market share, the “International Buyer Delegation Program” was held by the Jewellery Exporters’ Association of Türkiye and Informa Markets. As part of the program, over 1000 representatives of significant companies and brands in the industry were welcomed to the exhibition as buyers.

Next-year trends of the Jewelry Industry made a debut

Designer Club, a joint project by Jewellery Exporters’ Association of Türkiye and Istanbul Jewelry Show, brought master and young jewelry designers under the same roof. At the area arranged specially at the exhibition area, designers attracted great attention by exhibiting their designs and the jewelries they created. “Art for Jewellery – Inspiration Hub” events were organized in collaboration with the Jewellery Exporters’ Association of Türkiye, Istanbul Chamber of Jewellers and Informa Markets. “Culture Art and Jewelry”, Panels on the “Impact of Fashion, Culture and Art on the Branding of Jewelry Industry” and “Art and Jewelry as a New Philosophy for Perceiving the World” were held with the participation of well-known names.

Exhibition held as sustainability-oriented

Adopting the sustainability vision, many environmentally-conscious works were carried out within the framework of the exhibition. In order to reduce carbon emissions, several green actions were taken such as reducing printed materials, recycling badges and exhibition carpets, ensuring electricity saving by using LED technology, conducting visitor surveys via tablet computers to reduce paper usage, and transportation of exhibitors and visitors to the exhibition area by means of public transportation to minimize CO2 emissions.

Founding Partner of Istanbul Jewelry Show, Şermin Cengiz: “Reaching a record high number of visitors at our 52nd exhibition is a great source of pride for all of us”

Şermin Cengiz said, “It is a great source of pride for us that Istanbul Jewelry Show that we have been organizing since 1986 has achieved the highest number of visitors among our October exhibitions held until today. We had hosted 36,500 buyers at our March 2022 exhibition and 26,504 buyers at our October 2022 exhibition, thus starting to host more than 63,000 jewelry industry professionals in a year. We had finished our March 2022 exhibition by growing into 6 halls, rather than 5. And, we organized our October 2022 exhibition at 4 halls, instead of 3, in parallel with such growth. We have achieved an excellent growth trend in 2022, in terms of the number of both exhibitors and visitors. We anticipate that Istanbul Jewelry Show will remain as a preferred organization for the world jewelry sector, for Türkiye in particular, and the number of our both exhibitors and visitors will also continue to increase in the upcoming years.

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