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Players of the Jewelry Industry met in Istanbul for the 50th time, fueling global jewelry commerce with new business deals at the exhibition…

Istanbul Jewelry Show-October 2021 hosted a total of 23.038 visitors from 128 countries!

Organized by Informa Markets under HRD Antwerp sponsorship between 7-10 October 2021, Istanbul Jewelry Show – October 2021, brought together at Istanbul Expo Center, the leading players of the jewelry industry from across the world. Products and services prepared specifically for this exhibition by 800 companies and brands from 10 countries, have been introduced to the likes of sector professionals. Orders given and new business deals made during the exhibition, made positive contributions to the global jewelry trade and especially to Turkish jewelry exports. Compared to October 2019 exhibition, number of visitors saw a 14% increase this year and 43% of the visitors were buyers coming from 127 different countries. 

Organized under sponsorship of HRD Antwerp, the leading European Authority of the sector which ensures confidence in the sector all over the world, Istanbul Jewelry Show which is one of the most important jewelry sector events in the global agenda, brought together the leading companies and brands of the sector and sector’s professionals in a safe setting, providing new business opportunities and a platform for information sharing.

Ever Increasing Global Interest in the Event

Compared to October 2019 exhibition, number of visitors saw a 14% increase at Istanbul Jewelry Show-October 2021. Again, compared to October 2019 Exhibition, October 2021 event saw a 45% increase in European visitors, 43% increase in visitors from Russia and CIS countries, 37% increase in North America which also includes USA, and 10% increase in visitors from Middle East countries. 
The exhibition also featured an “International Buyer Delegation Program” organized with the goal of increasing jewelry exports, finding new markets and preserving the market share. As part of the program, representatives from leading companies and brands from the target markets of the jewelry sector have been hosted as buyers at the exhibition.

Designer Market has been once again where the heart of  jewelry design beat!

Designers joining Designer Market which is organized as part of Istanbul Jewelry Show showcased their latest designs and signature jewelry products. Growing every year and followed closely by professionals, Designer Market is a special platform where trend setting designs of the global jewelry market are showcase for the first time, designers get the chance to meet producers to exchange ideas  and where jewelry design ideas for the upcoming year are developed.

Your Health and Safety has been the main focus of our events

Istanbul Jewelry Show has been organized in accordance with Informa AllSecure health and safety standards. As the leading organizer of the prominent trade events in the world, with the goal of achieving maximum levels of hygiene and safety at its exhibitions, Informa has developed a series of detailed measures which aim to ensure all participants feel they are in a safe and controlled setting.

UBM Rotaforte Founding Partner Şermin Cengiz: “We are proud to have successfully completed our 50th Exhibition

”Cengiz said: “It’s been a source of pride for us that we’ve managed to organize Istanbul Jewelry Show for the 50th time since 1986 and also that we’ve reached the highest number of visitors for an October exhibition with this 50th organization. Growing in parallel to the growth of the sector, our exhibition has been constantly ranked among the top five jewelry exhibitions in the world. We believe it will continue to be the preferred event for the global jewelry industry and especially for the Turkish jewelry industry and number of visitors and exhibitors will continue to increase in the coming years as well”. Şermin Cengiz continued as follows: “Exhibitions are the most critical spots for the sectors they’re organized for. Exhibitions are the only setting where business deals can be made, new orders can be given at the exhibitions, and new sector professionals can be met in person to reach new markets. All contacts made at our October 2021 exhibition will help accelerate trade in global jewelry industry and especially in Turkey.”

Istanbul Jewelry Show October 2021 Press Release    – Click to download

How to Get HES Code with Form of Entry to Turkey

Form of Entry to Turkey, which can be accessed via this page:

All international passengers are required to fill inthe form within 72 hours prior to their travel. After filling this form, you will have HES code & you can use this code when you're visiting the show.


Additionally, you can get HES code from ministry of  health's website or download the HES ( Hayat Eve Sığar) Application on App Store or Google Play Store and follow the instructions there.

But we recommend Short Message (SMS), since it's much faster and easier way.

How to Get HES Code with Turkish Mobile Number

If you have or bought a Turkish sim card / mobile number you need to send a short message (SMS) to 2023 including the text HES following by the Country of Origin (IRN), passport number, year of birth (only the year), last name and the number of how many days you need to use the HES code.

Example; HES USA F123456 1985 MCQUEEN 30

You don't need to buy a Turkish Sim card for each member of your family/friends. You can get limitless HES Code registration with one Turkish Sim card or Turkish mobile number.

How to Get HES Code with Foreign Mobile Number

 If you don't have any Turkish GSM number as a foreign visitor, you can get your HES Cod with sending your passport information by SMS by using your phone to +90555 944 3821 including HES, nationality, passport serial number, year of birth and surname, same as the example above.

Informa Markets Jewellery and Atelier Technology jointly launched today Jewellery & Gem Digital World (J&G Digital World), the first in a series of virtual events that will bring the global jewellery marketplace right to your home. 

Scheduled for 27 – 29 October, J&G Digital World will be live 24 hours a day during the event period with exhibitors’ individual team members having the flexibility of setting the time when they will be available to serve buyers. The platform is in English for the pilot event, with the Chinese-language interface and other enhanced features slated for release next year.  

Trade buyer registration has commenced and will remain open until 29 October. A strict validation process is in place to ensure that only qualified and motivated buyers gain access to the virtual show, enhancing participants’ chances of networking success. Thousands of buyers and more than 800 jewellery suppliers are anticipated to participate in the pilot programme. 

The result of a strategic cooperation between the world’s biggest jewellery fairs organiser and the leading technology provider in the jewellery supply chain, J&G Digital World serves as a digital extension of Jewellery & Gem WORLD Hong Kong (JGW) 2020 and is focused on capturing the real value of in-person events in a virtual setting. The Informa Markets Jewellery – Atelier collaboration will further gain momentum in 2021 with the launch of four more digital events in 2021, each with their own salient features and unique benefits for exhibitors and buyers.

 “As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and the outlook for physical international trade shows remains uncertain, Jewellery & Gem WORLD Hong Kong 2020, the world’s biggest B2B jewellery marketplace, is pivoting to an online format this year through J&G Digital World. This digital event is optimised to spark genuine conversations, facilitate efficient digital product meetings, and ultimately, build business relationships, regardless of time zones and distance,” said David Bondi, Senior Vice President of Informa Markets in Asia.  

“This is why we have zeroed in on what’s really important, which is to deliver a digital event that empowers attendees to have better product meetings via video, and create a digital experience that will remain valuable in a post-pandemic world.” 

Dominic Hill, Founder and CEO of Atelier Technology, added, “Until today, matchmaking services in virtual events have been simplistic and not very effective to either buyer or vendor. Now with our intelligent wishlists and walk-the-show features, we are raising the bar, giving buyers and vendors a genuine reason to expect more from digital networking tools.” 

Technology woven into the attendee journey allows J&G Digital World to offer a more personalised experience. Some of the interactive platform’s powerful features include: 

  • Targeted finished jewellery product meetings, which are ignited by an image-driven matching system based on machine learning. This enables buyers to create wishlists of styles and ideas they would like to source. The platform’s machine learning capability – currently exclusive to the finished jewellery product category– will then identify vendors who have exact or most similar styles loaded to their showrooms
  • Trend Walls where exhibitors can highlight jewellery trends they have identified and created samples for. A visual presentation similar to the pinboards of photo-sharing platform, Pinterest, this tool is designed to make an impact on attendees instantly
  • A Dynamic Show Guide that allows buyers to identify the vendors they would like to engage with – geographically, by product type and existing relationships – and keep track of their activities during the event
  • A new presentation mode that enables salespeople to present sample lines elegantly in front of clients, with easy navigation and the flexibility required to ensure they can trust the tool to handle the pressure of a real-world buyer meeting  

Further enriching the J&G Digital World experience is an exclusive programme of on-demand and live content from 9 September, which culminates with theme-focused sessions during the virtual event’s live days. Powered by Informa Markets Jewellery’s Jewellery & Gem Knowledge Community (J&G Knowledge Community), the programme consists of at least 40 sessions including the virtual event’s signature “Return & Recovery” webinars, practical gemmology sessions and trade discussions highlighting the latest developments in the gemstone world. 

The full schedule of J&G Knowledge Community’s programme, including its confirmed roster of speakers and interviewees, will be announced soon. 

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