56. IJS Istanbul Jewelry Show | 02 - 05 October 2024
57. IJS Istanbul Jewelry Show | 16 - 19 April 2025
Venue | Istanbul Expo Center



Hear from March 2023 visitors in the flesh!

You have everything for everyone for every segment. It is really good. I have seen that the expo has grown a lot since the last time I have been here.

The fair is fantastic, excellent. I am coming for last 5-6 years. And every time, I see big improvement in the exhibition. More people are coming, and you have more variety, It is excellent, fantastic variety. Important thing is variety and everything we need is here.

It has been an enlightenment to me. Type of jewelry they sell here is much more different than the United States. And I like the prices.

Now, jewelry in İstanbul in Turkey is something that is the best quality in the world. For this, we are so interested to come to this exhibition every time, every year, every season.

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