55. Istanbul Jewelry Show | 17 - 20 April 2024

56. Istanbul Jewelry Show | 02 - 05 October 2024

Venue | Istanbul Expo Center

Art For Jewellery - Inspiration Hub

A Vibrant Event Space

Classic Car Exhibition // Artworks // Panels // 2024 Trends

5-8 October 2023, Istanbul Expo Center, At Hall3 B80

Art For Jewellery - Inspiration Hub

At Istanbul Jewelry Show, The ''Art For Jewellery'' Event Area Prepared With Artificial Intelligence Under The Theme of ''Timeless Elegance'' 

“Art for Jewellery – Inspiration Hub” is an art and culture movement that started in the jewellery industry.

With the support of the Jewellery Exporters' Association and the Istanbul Jewelry Show, the new version of "Art for Jewellery: Inspiration Hub" organized by Jewellery Brand Consultant Aylin Gözen and Öznur Yakın, will be held at the Istanbul Jewelry Show, from October 5th to 8th, at Hall 3 B80.

In this show, the event brings together classic cars, which are iconic designs of an era, with artificial intelligence under the name "Timeless Elegance - Sources of Inspiration from Classic to Artificial Intelligence".


The Displayed Nostalgic Classic Cars on The Field Examine The Concept Of ''Being Iconic'' in Jewelry

In its third edition, this event continues to be the center of inspiration for the industry. This time, the field combines sources of inspiration that can be used from design to marketing in a very different and challenging way. This theme, created with the recommendations of artificial intelligence, explores the concept of "becoming iconic" in jewelry through classic cars and artists in design.

As soon as you step into the venue, each of the 4 classic cars on the field, carefully preserved and modified from the past to the present, presents its own history and design story. What sets this event apart is the examination being conducted with the contribution of artificial intelligence. The walls reflect examples of important artists and works inspired by these classic vehicles, emphasizing the harmony that can be established between technology and artistic expression.

"Art for Jewellery - Inspiration Hub" aims to inspire different designs needed by the sector and to support the creation of high-quality content. With its events that combine the aesthetic perspective of art and design with the sincerity of craftsmanship, it aims to contribute to the jewelry sector with different projects, developing and growing with different projects, aiming for art and artists to be reflected and have an impact in the sector of jewelry through art and design.

What You Will Find?

Within the lively event and exhibition area;

  • A seminar by WGSN, the world's number one trend forecasting firm, presenting the jewelry trends of 2024 season
  • An exhibition consisting of classic cars that bring the design clues of the past and the concept of timelessness to the present
  • Panels that discuss sustainability, artificial intelligence, and iconic designs, which are among the most important agenda items of today, with the participation of foreign influencers and representatives of international institutions, will be held every day
  • Many more different activities that will be included simultaneously, supporting the creation of different designs in jewelry

Panel Program

Don't miss panels by international influencers and industry institutions, the new season trend forecasts of the world's leading trend forecasting company WGSN!

Time: 13:30 Thursday, 5 October 2023

Location: Hall3 B80

Moderator: LARYSSA WIRSTIUK, Owner of Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Podcast and @joyjoyamarketing Instagram Account


  • AGATA ZOFIA JANKOWIAK, Jewelry Influencer, Owner of @blingsis Instagram account
  • ANETA BLASZCZAK, Jewelry Influencer, Owner of @blissfromparis Instagram account
  • BEHROKH BAKHSHI, Jewelry InfluencerOwner of @champagnegem Instagram account
  • PRERNAA MAKHARIAA, Jewelry Influencer, Owner of @prernaa.makhariaa  Instagram account
  • RENU CHOUDHARY, Jewelry InfluencerOwner of @thediamondtalk Instagram account

Time: 11:00 Thursday, 6 October 2023

Location: Hall3 B80

Speaker: SEDEN ÜNLÜ, Account Manager of WGSN Türkiye

Time: 13:30 Friday, 6 October 2023

Location: Hall3 B80

Time: 13:30 Saturday, 7 October 2023

Location: Hall3 B80

Moderator: ESTHER BIZZITA, Jewelry Blogger and Journalist

Panelist: MELANIE GRANT, Executive Director of Responsible Jewellery Council

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