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Iconic Jewelry Pieces of 1960s

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Bright, impressive, bold, beautiful, and various other attributes portray the significance of the most-loved jewelry in your everyday life. Your favourite jewelry will make you feel special and be close to your heart forever. Jewelry has been all about experimentation and exploration since ancient times.  

The vibrant enamelling, sparkling variations, and dramatic accessories contributed a big part to the 1960’s jewelry fashion scene. The rare and valuable pieces of antique jewelry are a great admiration even today, giving you a chance to go back in time. Cherish the timeless beauty of some of the iconic jewelry pieces of the ‘60s you can wish to get now or not to have again. 

Jewelry pieces that you wish to get now 

It’s surreal how your preferences have changed significantly over the years. Practical and unique jewelry designs dominate your jewel caskets and closets these days. The vintage jewelry collection of the 1960s was often considered an inspiration for modern trends. Most of the eternal masterpieces are in huge demand today. 

  • Geometric Shapes 

These super attractive angular pieces of the ‘60s reflect the immensely celebrated ancient culture. Jewelry artisans of this era were known for exhibiting stellar craftsmanship with Geometric designer motifs and intricate patterns. Indeed, a special decorative jewel category that people wish to get even now! 

  • New Materials 

Popular materials of the 1960’s was predominantly gold and silver. However, the discovery of durable and high-quality materials like diamond and coloured gemstones resulted in experimental jewelry designs and incredible artwork. It’s time to indulge in the elegance of such an immortal jewelry collection. 

Jewelry pieces that you wish not to have again 

Surprisingly, a few jewel pieces and ornamental sets might not amuse the men and women in the 21st century. Though these old-fashioned jewelry designs were fascinating in the past, people don’t feel like replicating them in the new age. 

  • Matching Pieces

Bold, contrast and unusual colour combinations are a big hit now over colour-coordinating pieces. Many in the past loved flaunting matching jewelry like bracelets, bangles, necklaces, and earrings that complimented their outfits. However, very few like to continue this trend. 

  • Beads 

Beads are out of fashion today. Women don’t feel the need to infuse beads in their jewelry as they find other contemporary models and patterns attractive. Bead-encrusted jewels did not last until the 1960’s - another epic reason not to have them again. 

Exploring around the world - Turkish Jewelry 

It’s always a delight to witness all the different types of jewelry designs, precious ornaments, and trends in one place! Make this moment happen by taking part in one of the five largest internationally acclaimed jewelry trade fairs - the Istanbul Jewelry Show. Featuring some of the stellar work of avant-garde Turkish jewelry designers, this fair marks a creative collaboration of expertise, experience, and innovation. It’s that time of the year to connect with the world’s renowned jewel experts, gem dealers, jewelry enthusiasts, and prestigious manufacturers. Organized by Turkey’s well-known Informa Markets, this jewelry show provides fantastic business opportunities and knowledge sharing for industry professionals. Turkish Jewelry exports account for 80% of the overall value of the shipments. 

As a popular tourist destination, Turkey is geographically well-positioned to attract leading jewelry manufacturers and visitors across the globe. The Istanbul Jewelry Show is held on 7th -10th October 2021, at CNR Expo, Istanbul Fair Center. For more details about this event, please check out our newsletter. 

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