54. Istanbul Jewelry Show | 05 - 08 October 2023

55. Istanbul Jewelry Show | 17 - 20 April  2024

Venue | Istanbul Expo Center


How is Istanbul Jewelry Show Sustainable?

We know sustainability is increasingly important to our attendees and exhibitors, as well as to our market as a whole. Running Istanbul Jewelry Show gives us lots of opportunities to improve our impacts socially, environmentally and economically in our host city. We want to make our event more responsible and play a role in helping our markets improve its own sustainability through connecting people with the networks and knowledge they want to help solve the big challenges in our sector.


Help our markets through inspiring sustainable development

  • Using our content to support the sustainability of the market the event serves
  • Inspiring our suppliers, exhibitors and other stakeholders to deliver a sustainable event
  • Developing market relevant partnerships

Run the event in an increasingly environmentally responsible manner

  • Reducing our event’s carbon emissions
  • Creating less waste
  • Considering sustainability credentials of the items sourced for the event

Run the event in a socially responsible manner

  • Doing business safely and ethically
  • Considering wellbeing and accessibility
  • Creating a positive impact on our host cities
  • Measuring our impacts

Inspiring Sustainable Development 


We support Designers, Atellers, High Schools and Universities for the development of the sector

Running an Environmentally Responsible Event 


Decreasing the number of printed  materials, recycle the badges and the exhibition carpets, save electricity by using LED technology. We execute our visitor surveys via tablets and online to reduce paper consumption.

Our Efforts Recognised: Istanbul Jewelry Show is Powered by Renewable Electricity

Istanbul Jewelry Show is now powered by renewable electricity, helping us in our journey towards Net Zero. 

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