55. Istanbul Jewelry Show | 17 - 20 April 2024

56. Istanbul Jewelry Show | 02 - 05 October 2024

Venue | Istanbul Expo Center

How can you be more sustainable as a exhibitor?

During Istanbul Jewelry Show, we aim to accelerate sustainability and be able to run our event in an environmentally and socially responsible way whilst seeking to inspire sustainable development in the agriculture industry and across the region.

We do this not only because more than 80% of our attendees tell us that they care that our events are run in a responsible manner, but because it is the right thing to do for our customers, colleagues, and the communities we serve.

Exhibitor Checklist

By working together, we can make the event more memorable, meet our audience’s expectations and reduce wasted time, resources, and costs.

We would like to encourage you to join our sustainability efforts by completing the below 10 point checklist:

  • Ensure your stand is designed so that its structure will be used again by either yourself or by your contractors. 
  • For your travel and transport choose the most sustainable option possible for your journey to and from the event by making use of the public transport. 
  • Select energy efficient, LED lighting and other equipment for your stand and be sure to power down your equipment at the end of the day.
  • Reduce paper handouts by going digital and source recycled, sustainably certified paper options where printing is needed.
  • When purchasing promotional items, consider the amount you order, the environmental credentials of the materials they are made from, as well as whether they are useful giveaways that will be used long after the event is over.
  • Help to support the sustainability of the local area by using local suppliers and considering the sustainability credentials of the hotels you book.
  • Think about what waste your stand will create and try to minimize it as much as possible. For the unavoidable waste items, try to ensure it will be recycled. Key items to consider include signage, carpeting and packaging waste.
  • Get involved with the numerous initiatives and conversations throughout the event which aim to help facilitate and inspire the sustainable development of your industry. 
  • Inspire the sustainable development of your industry by promoting your company’s and your products’ sustainability credentials.
  • Ensure you and your contractor are aware of and compliant with all health, safety and security requirements.

Better Stands: Moving Away from Disposable Stands Together!

Did you know that one medium sized disposable stand produces around four tonnes of waste, which is almost 10x the average person’s household waste per year?

Designed to be used only once, they have a significant impact on the environment, in addition to increasing health and safety risks onsite.

Istanbul Jewelry Show is committed to running sustainable, socially responsible events that have a limited impact on the environment. Like all industries we are looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of waste our events produce.

What is a disposable stand?

The structure of a stand (e.g. the walls) are made to be used only once, and is therefore demolished and disposed of at the end of the event.

What is a resuable stand?

The structure is made using a system designed for multiple uses and in different formats and sizes to suit the client's style. It can be owned by the client or most often rented from a contractor.

How you can make a difference?

When choosing your contractor, make sure they are using a process which allows them to use the structure of the stand time and again. Specify it in your tender and ask them to confirm what will happen to the stand after the show.

Benefits to building a non-disposable stand

*Faster, cleaner and safer build with a more reliable timeline –no stress!

*Reduced costs due to a lower waste bill and fewer labour hours

*Higher quality look and feel for your stand

*Demonstrates your company’s commitment to sustainability with a lower environmental impact

Better Stands is an Informa wide programme aiming to ensure that all core elements of exhibitor stands are reusable.

Moving away from disposable stands together.

  • Better quality.
  • Better safety.
  • Better experience.

Better Stands, building a sustainable future for the event industry.


To make your commitment to Better Stands and contribute to a more sustainable event read the Better Stands brochure and ensure you understand how your stand reaches at least a Bronze level.

What is the Plan?

We will be encouraging all our exhibitors and their contractors to join us in not using disposable stands.

The Better Stands programme has been divided into three key stages - Bronze, Silver and Gold. This helps facilitate a gradual transition from disposable to reusable stands for all exhibitors.

We will conduct onsite assessment. This will become part of our stand regulations. Compliance will be monitored throughout the event process, from stand plan submission through to onsite review

How do you define a Better Stand?

We classify all stands into four categories - Disposable, Bronze, Silver or Gold -depending on the particular elements that are reused or recycled.

All elements of a particular category must be reused or recycled in order to achieve that classification. If the stand does not reuse all of the elements in the Bronze level, it is classed as Disposable.

  •      Stand structure and walls
  •      Platform or raised flooring
  •      Furniture and equipment
  •      Lighting

     All bronze elements, plus:

  •      Fascia & overhead signage
  •      Rigged structure
  •      Ceiling
  •      Display facilities

     All bronze and silver elements, plus:

  •      Graphics & decorative items
  •      Floor covering

What does a Better Stand Look Like?

As long as each element is reused rather than single use or disposable, then a Better Stand will look the same or likely better than what you currently have. It can be designed & built to suit your individual needs - the only limit is your stand designer’s imagination

As long as each element is being reused rather than thrown away, most materials can be used to build a Better Stand.

What is Expected of Exhibitors?

Better Stands aims at moving all of our exhibitor stands to have reached at least a Bronze level according to the Better Stands 10 box framework.

All space only / raw space / free build stands are categorised into 4 levels as shown in the table below. The red dots denote that the specific element of the stand build was largely disposable, the green ticks denote that the specific elements of the stand build was reusable or recycled. For an exhibitor to classed as Bronze, they must reuse all 4 elements shown, for Silver all 8 elements and so on.