Visitor Registration

The best and easilest way to visit Istanbul Jewelry Show is registering as online. Registration is free and it takes only 2 minutes.

Important Information About Registration


If you continue by uploading a copy of the Passport or Turkish ID Card or Turkish Driver's License details page that you submitted/used during your online visitor registration, your badge will be generated and sent to your e-mail address.
In case you don't upload; your identity verification will be carried by staff in the fair registration area via kiosks and your badge will be delivered to you after approval.

Exhibition Dates

7 October 2021: 11.30 – 19.00

8 -9 October 2020: 09.30 – 19.00

10 October 2021: 09.30 – 17.00


Istanbul Expo Center

City & Country 

Istanbul, Turkey

This exhibition is for jewellery trade professionals only

No admission for persons under age 15.

No admission 30 minutes before the fair closes. 

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Exhibit at Istanbul Jewelry Show

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