55. Istanbul Jewelry Show | 17 - 20 April 2024

56. Istanbul Jewelry Show | 02 - 05 October 2024

Venue | Istanbul Expo Center

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The Jewelry Glitter in Global Exports Spreads from Istanbul to the World

The Jewelry Sector, which has an important position in the global economy, is preparing to come together at Istanbul Jewelry Show, one of the five largest international jewelry fairs in the world. The show, which will be organized by Informa Markets under the sponsorship of Elmas Kule between October 5-8, 2023, at Istanbul Expo Center, aims to bring together the latest products and services of more than 1000 companies and brands with more than 27 thousand industry professionals from more than 140 countries. The organization brings together hundreds of products and services from gold to jewellery, diamonds to machinery and equipment on a single platform, while enabling exhibitors and visitors to expand their business network.

The 54th Istanbul Jewelry Show, which will take place at the Istanbul Expo Center between October 5-8, 2023, sponsored by Informa Markets with the Elmas Kule, is at the top of the agenda of industry professionals with the opportunity to meet and cooperate with buyers from different geographies from the USA to India.

The Biggest October Fair to be Organized

Istanbul Jewelry Show, which brings the industry together twice a year in Istanbul, in March and October, is preparing to host the biggest October fair ever. The show will increase from 40 thousand square meters to 50 thousand square meters and will host more than 27 thousand industry professionals from more than 140 countries in 5 halls. Product groups such as gold, jewelry, diamonds, colored stones, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, silver, silver jewelry and silver household goods, gold montage, refinery, watch, mold, showcase decoration, machinery-equipment, and sub-industry, safe, software, logistics and lighting will be presented to the visitors.

The show will host events that support the development of the industry

The show stands out not only with its commercial activities but also with its calendar of events supporting the development of the sector. In this context, with the Designer Club, a joint project of the Jewellery Exporters' Association and Istanbul Jewelry Show, jewelry designers and craftsmen will have the chance to exhibit the designs and jewelry they produce at a special booth reserved for them.

The "Art for Jewelry-Inspiration Hub" event, hosted by Istanbul Jewelry Show, will bring art and jewelry together. Art For Jewellery will host seminars that will broaden the horizons of the industry with many speakers from global influences to important names of the art and jewelry industry. In addition, WGSN, the world's number one trend forecasting firm, will provide critical insights into consumer preferences by announcing the trends of the new season at Art for Jewellery.

It is Targeted to Realize 80 Percent of Jewelry Exports at the Show

Stating that Türkiye is among the world's five largest markets in terms of gold jewelry market size with India, China, USA and Russia, Istanbul Jewelry Show Founding Partner Sermin Cengiz said, "We are among the top three countries in world jewelry exports. Last year, the sector realized an export of 5 billion 855 million dollars. In this context, our fair is an important trade center. It is aimed that nearly 80 percent of Türkiye’s jewelry exports will be realized through business negotiations during the fair. These meetings will also reflect positively on the country's economy. We have made our show, which we started 37 years ago with the participation of 38 companies, one of the leading fairs in the international arena and offer a unique environment where the Turkish jewelry sector is introduced to the world. We believe that fairs are very important for the development of the sector. In such events, companies find the opportunity to introduce themselves and closely follow the latest developments in the sector.

Sustainability is a Part of Istanbul Jewelry Show

With the vision of sustainability, many environmentally sensitive activities at the show draw attention to the importance of the issue. In order to reduce the carbon emissions of the event, details such as reducing printed materials, recycling badges and exhibition carpets, saving electricity by using LED, technology, conducting visitor surveys online via tablet to reduce paper use, and transporting exhibitors and visitors to the fairground by public transportation to minimize CO2 emissions come to the fore.

Jewelry Trends are Steered from Istanbul

One of the top five jewelry trade shows in the world, the Istanbul Jewelry Show brings different initiatives into the sector in addition to showcasing a wide range of products and services and concurrent activities. As a trendsetter for the upcoming seasons, the event will take place at the Istanbul Expo Center from October 5th to 8th, 2023. Of particular note is the “Art for Jewellery- Inspiration Hub” event, which will feature a seminar delivered by WGSN, a renowned trend forecasting company, on October 6th, Friday. This seminar will provide an overview of the 2024 Spring-Summer trends and is expected to steer the industry while both exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity to gain insight into how to prepare for the new season.

The Istanbul Jewelry Show, one of the top five events of the world, will showcase the finest “Golds”, “Stones,” and “Diamonds” in Istanbul. Scheduled to be organized at the Istanbul Expo Center by Informa Markets between October 5th and 8th, 2023, this event is poised to become a premier international hub for displaying superior products and services.
The show serves to foster the growth and sustainability of the industry, showcasing not only products and services but also simultaneous events. To this end, an event titled “Art for Jewelry-Inspiration Hub” will be organized with the support of the Jewelry Exporters’ Association and the Istanbul Jewelry Show. The event will also feature a seminar hosted by WSGN, the world’s leading trend forecasting company. The Sales Manager of WGSN, Seden Ünlü, is set to organize a seminar on October 6th, Friday, which will cover the spring and summer and equipment trends for 2024. During the seminar, Ünlü will provide valuable insights that will help both exhibitors and visitors prepare for the upcoming season.

An Artificial Intelligence Touch to the Jewelry Show

The Istanbul Jewelry Show, one of the top five jewelry shows in the world, is getting prepared to host its upcoming concurrent event “Art For Jewellery- Inspiration Hub.” This event aims to address the jewelry industry on a multifaceted aspect and connect it with art, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence as an essential component of our lives. To this end, Organized by the Jewelry Brand Consultant Aylin Gözen and Öznur Yakın, with the support of the Jewelry Exporters’ Association and the Istanbul Jewelry Show, Art for Jewellery is bringing together classic cars, iconic designs of a bygone era under “Timeless Elegance – Inspirations from Classics to Artificial Intelligence” in this event co-organized with artificial intelligence.

An all-time precious item from prehistoric ages to the present day, jewelry is addressed on a multifaced basis at the Istanbul Jewelry Show, recognized as one of the world’s top five jewelry trade shows. The upcoming event, sponsored by Elmas Kule and organized by Informa Markets at the Istanbul Expo Center from October 5th and 8th, breathes new life into the industry with the concurrent event, “Art for Jewellery – Inspiration Hub.”

Becomes The Inspiration Hub for the Industry

Art For Jewellery will be hosting its third annual event, serving as an inspiration hub for the industry through the integration of various disciplines. Connecting culture and art with the world of jewelry, leading to innovative outcomes, the theme of this year’s event prioritizes artificial intelligence, which has become an integral part of our daily lives. One of the distinguishing features of this event is its creation by artificial intelligence. The upcoming event is set to unite classic cars as the iconic designs of a bygone age under the theme of “Timeless Elegance – Inspirations from Classics to Artificial Intelligence,” co-organized alongside artificial intelligence.

The theme of this event is to associate the phenomenon of “being iconic” with jewels, using classical car designs and artists in the designs, displays, marketing, and jewelry stories with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Upon entering the venue, visitors are immersed in the history and design of four classic cars that have been expertly maintained and modified over time. The walls reflect the best examples of the works of the prominent artists inspired by these classical cars, highlighting the perfect balance between technology and artistic expression.

Merges Art and Design with an Aesthetic View

This Hub aims to facilitate interaction between designers and artists in Türkiye and worldwide, with a view to contributing to art and artists in the jewelry industry by creating various projects. Through events that blend the aesthetic view of art and design with the authenticity of the artisanship culture, it is aimed to enable the contribution of design, innovations, art, and artists to the jewelry industry with various projects. The event will feature seminars that will broaden the industry's horizons, with speakers ranging from global influencers to esteemed figures within the art and jewelry industry. Additionally, WGSN, the world’s number one trend forecasting company, will unveil the new season trends and provide invaluable insights into consumer preferences during the Art for Jewellery event.

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