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30-minute checklist to avoid problems with your website! 

Estimate Reading Time: 3 min

Having a website without any problem is the wish of every business and company in the digitalized era. Avoiding technical problems makes your brand shine, you can get more traffic to your website, even ensure a good user experience and have loyal customers within time.

As a jewelry company, you need to ensure that your website functions the best way and appeals to the visitors at the very first glance. Let us go through the checklist that will ensure that your website does not have any issues. It will take just 30 minutes! 

Whether Your SSL Certificate is Working or Not 

Ensure the working of your SSL certificate to validate your website and use HTTPS to secure data transfer. A discrepancy concerning this will label your website as “not secure” to your customers and that can lead to lack of confidence. Once you secure your SSL certificate, you can now move your traffic to your website via HTTPS without hassles. It acts as a criterion to instill confidence among users. 

Update Your Content Management System along with Backup 

Make sure that you update your content management system. An updated system will enable you with many tools for creating, managing, and updating your pages. Before the launch of your website, check whether the system works perfectly. 

Focus on backing up your website data. Such an act will be your savior by retaining your data in the worst of situations. 

Analyze The Working of The Site 

Try to analyze the behavior of your website with a solid solution. Always keep a check on your website bounce analysis. Ensure that all your pages are present in a symphony. Always have adequate preparation to deal with 404 error connections. Put the website navigational skills and the links to test. 

Proofread your content before display and make sure prospects can smoothly access your website. 

Run Your Website on Multiple Devices 

Try running your website on various devices such as laptops and mobile. It will end the device barriers for your website. Experiment with the top browsers to find out if there’s any problem. Focus on fixing them, if any. 

Final Touch-ups 

● Keep a check on your XML sitemaps. 

● Cross-checking the URLs makes sure that there are no issues. 

● Emphasize adding metadata to your content. 

● Look into all the technical errors that can hinder the working of your site. 

● Your website should reflect your ambitions on legal terms. 

● Add relevant CTAs to target the public. 

Discover Istanbul Jewelry Show 

This year the Istanbul Jewelry Show will start from the 7 till the 10th of October. This jewelry show presents all the leading jewelry brands worldwide, with almost 80% being Turkish jewelry. Such a fair which attracts a population from all around the world provides an excellent opportunity for the Turkish jewelers to present their extravagant designs and promotes Turkish jewelry export. 

When you make sure that you cross-check all the above credentials and your website passes the test, it is ready to go. The Turkish jewelry show will give you a perfect opportunity to flaunt your website and push your Turkish jewelry export.  Click here to subscribe our newsletter.


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