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What's a Birthstone?

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For centuries, people have been using nature's energy for both spirit and body health. Natural rocks in nature, which provide positive thinking, spiritual serenity and preservation of body health, are divided into many classes within themselves. The birthstone is among the natural stones that positively affect the flow of energy in the human body.

The birthstones that emerged in Poland during the 16 st century are natural stones that regulate the energy flow in the human body. People are believed to be associated with the month they were born and bring luck and health. People can balance and regulate their energy flows using the birthstone of that moon, whichever month they were born. At the same time, the birthstones associated with the signs have a total of 12, one per month. People don't have to keep these as raw stones. On the contrary, the brightly colored birthstones are made into nice jewelry and can be used as an accessory, while their positive energy is also available.

We can sort positive energy birthstones by months as follows:

• January: Garnet

The garnet stone, which means "Nar" in Latin, has a variety of colors in red, orange, yellow, green and pink and symbolizes confidence, vibrancy and courage. It's believed to be good for anemic and rheumatic diseases.

• February: Ametist

The amethyst stone, which is seen as a symbol of happiness and love, is made up of the shades of purple. It's believed to cure headaches and circulatory diseases.

• March: Akumarin's

In Latin, this birthstone, which means “seawater”, is made up of dark tones of blue and green. It represents feelings such as peace, peace and trust, and is thought to be good for health care, thyroid diseases, immune system problems and hormone irregularities.

• April: Diamond

The diamond stone, which symbolizes many features such as loyalty, dedication, love, beauty and innocence, has a wide range of colors, including pink, orange, blue, brown and purple. It is believed to reduce stress and help adapt to the environment being found.

• May: Emerald

The emerald stone, the symbol of renewal, spring and youth, used by kings and queens in ancient times, contains the tones of green. It's thought to be good for lung, heart and spine disorders in health care.

• June: Pearl

The pearl, believed to be good luck, also strengthens artistic intelligence. It symbolizes sincerity, purity and wisdom.

• July: Ruby

The ruby stone is made of the shades of red. It is believed to be good for infectious diseases, as well as to express wisdom, wealth and love.

• August: Peridot

This natural stone, made up of yellow and green tones, stands out in the dark of the night when it shines. It is believed to support the immune system as well as reduce stress.

• September: Sapphire

The most preferred color tone of the sapphire stone, which symbolizes loyalty and generosity, is blue, but also colors like orange, pink, white and purple. It's believed to be good for depression.

• October: Opal

Opal stone, thought to be good for infectious diseases, white, black, green, blue, red, it can be in a variety of colors, like yellow and orange. It represents freedom, loyalty and peace.

• November: Sitrin

With yellow and brown tones, the stone of the citrin represents wealth and warmth. It's believed to increase concentration and reduce phobias.

• December: Turquoise

The December birthstone is made up of turquoise blue and green tones. Among the benefits of the turquoise stone, the most important is that it is good for the nazar.

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