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Must-have Machinery and Equipment for newbie Jewelers 

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When working on a piece of jewelry, a jeweler will occasionally have to use certain equipment that puts the jeweler in the shoes of an engineer or a scientist and sometimes a repairman. Working with jewelry not only requires a pair of skilled hands but also basic knowledge of physical properties of metals. Every newbie jeweler receiving jewelry training will learn about numerous topics such as different levels of heat for processing different metals as well as certain chemical compounds that protect colored stones and diamond subjected to heat. Also, metal processing techniques such as cutting, forging and welding are among the major skillsets of a jeweler. 

In addition, you will need to get specialized jewelry equipment used for sizing, cleaning and polishing your jewelry pieces. Depending on the size of his/her workshop every jeweler, be it a small artisan jewelry or a mid-sized workshop or a large-scale industrial jewelry production facility, will have to own certain tool sets and equipment.

Jewelry Machinery for Small Shops 

Most small and mid-sized jewelry shops would have a small workbench specially designed for basic repair tasks such as soldering, stone mounting and ring sizing. Designed for multiple tasks, a jeweler’s work bench would be equipped with special tools such as a range of special pliers, a variety of rotating tips for polishing and final processing, ring mandrel for sizing, a jeweler saw for cutting open material, a wooden mallet and welding tools for soldering.  

In addition to a jeweler’s work bench, a small jewelry shop may also need some of the different equipment outlined below. 

  • Ring Stretcher/Reducer:

Used for reducing or stretching rings a couple of sizes, a ring stretcher/reducer, is operated by placing the ring on the band and pulling the bar.  

  • Polishing Machine: 

It comprises a rotating wheel made of abrasive material driven by an engine and is used to create different polishing effects on the jewelry such as bright or opaque look. 

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner: 

Equipped with a reservoir filled with a special solution, this machine is used to remove metal remains and stains. The jeweler would dip the jewelry piece into the solution in the reservoir and the sound waves created by the machine would create bubbles that remove dirt deposited in all corners and cracks.  

  • Steam Cleaner: 

This cleaner uses a high-pressure steam nozzle, and is used to remove stain from the jewelry items as well as for disinfection as a result of high heat level. 

Jewelry Workshop Equipment 

With a few add-ons to the above-mentioned equipment, you will be able to differentiate your relatively bigger jewelry shop from other small-sized workshops. These add-ons include a laser welding machine and a gold and rhodium plating tank. 

  • Laser Machine: 

Using a laser machine instead of a typical welding machine on your work-bench, will allow you do welding with greater precision. It allows you to work on heat-sensitive designs such as valuable and sensitive stones and minerals. Because it is relatively a more costly investment, it is mostly preferred by bigger jewelry shops. 

  • Gold and Rhodium Plating Tank:

A simple plating apparatus allows you to remove coloring after repairs and to do retouches. Designs made of white gold would need rhodium plating in order to return to their original white color. 

  • Laser Engraving Machine:

You may need a laser engraving machine to engrave custom words to your jewelry. The laser engraving machine offers greater precision compared to standard ones and is programmable to do engravings with special fonts or to engrave pictures or symbols on the jewelry item. 

Having up-to-date information on jewelry equipment used in jewelry shops of different sizes will help you turn your shop into a full-capacity jewelry workshop.

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