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How to Take a Jewelry Photo?

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Taking a nice photo is based on filling the entire frame in the right light, according to the golden ratio rule. Jewelry photo shoot; happens with the shots where jewelry is detailed in the right light. In jewelry photos, it is important to be able to take detailed shots on a plain background instead of a chaotic background.

How to Take a Jewelry Photo?

 Since the purpose of jewelry photo shoots is to present the photo to the customer; the design details of the product and which feature should come to the fore should be determined in advance. In the jewelry photo shoot:

● The product should be photographed as used. For example; if the product is a ring, the photo should be taken vertically as used on the finger, if the product is a bracelet; it should be photographed horizontally with details.

● While shooting the product if there are details like stones, they should be highlighted by focusing.

● The products can be shot individually, as well as highlighting a single product in the collection and blurring the others.

● If the purpose of jewelry shooting is to impress people; developing differently angels that the eye sees directly, can be interesting. While shooting a ring, photos of the inside of the ring are important as a different perspective.

● While taking a jewelry photo, shots can be taken on a plain background as well as different backgrounds that contrast with the products, can be tried to make the photo interesting.

● The ⅓ rule should be applied when placing the product in the frame. The shooting angle is imaginatively divided into 3 equal rows and columns. The product shot is made by matching the corners at the joints.

● During the jewelry shooting, a live mannequin can be used as well as a lifeless jewelry mannequin. The photograph of the jewelry can also be taken inside the box or directly in front of the decor.

● For the jewelry to shine before taking the photo; jewelery’s cleaning should be done with detergant and water. In jewelry shoots, shiney products are always seen as an interesting element.

Jewelry Shooting Techniques

Jewelry product shooting; can be made for commercial purposes as well as promotion and presentation. During the jewelry shooting; sharpness, light and exposure are technically important. Certain technical features are important when photographing jewelry:

● Natural light should be used before artificial light for high quality visuals,. Instead of taking the sunlight directly, it can be provided to distribute the light by softening it with a diffuser.

● The camera flash should not be preferred as it will usually provide too much brightness.

● In jewelry product shooting; shaded shots can be used to give a sense of depth. In this case, the important thing is; that the product does not overlap with the shadows in the composition.

● Product photos taken in 360 degrees are important for better perception of details. In 360-degree photographs, the products are obtained by positioning them on a rotating platform and taking their photographs.

● The use of a white background in jewelry shots allows brighter photos to emerge as it reflects light.

● The dimensions of the product should be ensured that it can be seen in real size in the photo. For this, other objects can be included in the composition to create a perception of dimension according to that object.

● Shooting with a tripod is the best solution to avoid a blurry image in photos. Thus, blurring will be prevented and the whole composition will remain aligned in a situation such as focusing.

● When taking a jewelry photo, if there is a colored stone in the jewelry, the color can be revealed with the snoot light attachment.

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