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How to Become an Eco-Friendly Jewelry Maker?

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Published on August 2023

As in many industries around the world, sustainable jewelry production efforts have accelerated in the jewelry field. Now, most of the companies operating on a global scale aim to carry out their work with an ethical understanding at every stage of production, from product development to the supply chain. The environmentally friendly production of fashion and trendsetting accessories includes many environmental effects, from material selection to respecting animal and human rights. Likewise, the use of recycled materials and packaging occupies a large place in the field of environmentally friendly jewelry production. So, how is sustainable jewelry production done? Before you start your journey to become an environmentally friendly jewelry manufacturer, you can learn the details you wonder about the subject by reading our content.

Focus on Handmade Products

If you are planning to enter the environmentally friendly jewelry production process, you can focus on handmade jewelry production instead of mass-produced products. You can get the materials you need for handmade jewelry from local businesses, so you may need more limited resources. This allows you to contribute to a sustainable production cycle. You can combine the enameled products, beads and woods, which are among the handmade product options, with symbols of different themes and create products with original details.

Work with Ethical Suppliers

The issue that has the greatest impact on the environment in the jewelry industry is the work related to mining. Mining works carried out during the procurement process of precious stones such as diamonds pollute the soil, air and water. In addition, this situation leads to physical destruction of the lands in the mining area. Suppliers that attach importance to ethical principles act in an environmentally friendly manner by supplying raw materials with limited production techniques and manual labor. Take care to cooperate with suppliers who are sensitive to ethical principles in material procurement.

Prefer Used Materials

How about using pre-manufactured product parts in assembly and assembly processes while making your jewelry with your own handwork? By reusing old materials, you can both create creative products and save on shipping and production processes. You can easily combine jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings with old production chains, talismans, symbols and apparatus to create original and unique products and create budget-friendly product lines.

Reduce Packaging Materials

Another detail that you can pay attention to in the production of environmentally friendly jewelry is the packaging materials of the products. By reducing the packaging materials you prefer during the sales phase of the products, you can prevent unnecessary waste and support sustainable production. You can replace wrapping paper and cardboard with recyclable materials, significantly reducing the amount of plastic waste from packaging.

Donate to Organizations Supporting Sustainability

You can show that you support ethical production policies by supporting sustainable charities that share your views in your sustainable jewelry production efforts and by directing your customers to donate to these organizations. Thus, you can reveal your brand's sensitivity to the environment.
You, too, can implement the above suggestions to realize your jewelry production with a sustainable understanding. You can introduce your sustainable jewelry to jewelry professionals by exhibiting at Istanbul Jewelry Show and sign new collaborations.


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