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How Should the Jewelery Showcase Be?

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Products obtained by processing from precious metals purchased for accessories or investment purposes are exhibited in the jewelery showcase sections. Displaying jewelery products with attractive features affects product sales. The colors used in the wall or table showcases are also effective in the user's preference for the product. The harmony between the design of the jewelery showcase and the colors of the jewelery can also shorten the user's time to choose the product. In addition, locked compartments and portable showcases that provide a high level of security should be preferred. Fixing necklaces, earrings and set jewelry with various holders provides convenience to the seller and the user during the selection and presentation stages. In addition, it is important that mirror designs are ergonomic and easily accessible. Thus, the user who tries the product can make a decision in a short time. Frequently preferred product groups, sets in the luxury class, and diamond types should be exhibited in separate sections. In this way, security vulnerabilities are prevented.

Jewelery Showcase Design and Features

Jewelery showcase decoration is colored with yellow or white lights reflected on the jewellery. Thus, the brightness and quality of the products come to the fore. With the separate sections and shelves, products are separated by type. Jewelery products that separated according to their categories, draw attention with their eye-catching and fascinating features. The features that should be found in the jewelery showcase are listed as follows:

Jewelery showcase designs are presented with a closed glass section feature. Thus, the level of security is increased and it is aimed for users to see the products clearly.

● The faux leather jewelery display case cover makes sophisticated and precious stone products shine and stand out.

● Crowded showcase designs should be avoided. Displaying the products too tightly or on top of each other makes it difficult for the user to choose.

● The unidirectional lighting used in the jewelry store and in the showcase sections ensures that the product reflects the same glow after it is removed from the showcase.

● The customer group in the exhibition area should be determined and suitable products for the audience should be offered for sale.

● The fact that the jewelery sales area is crowded and in various colors can reduce the attractiveness of the products.

How is the Jewelery Showcase Color and Product Harmonized?

When creating a jewelery showcase design, the products and the base colors of the showcase should be compatible. Thus, the vivid and bright appearance of the products is reflected to the user. Jewelery showcase designs should be in harmony with the colors of products such as necklaces, earrings, rings, jewelery sets, watches and bracelets. Displaying products in mixed colors can distract the user. Warm, cool or neutral colors are preferred according to the user group. Red, yellow and orange hues increase the user's feelings of excitement and happiness. Blue, green and purple colors, which are among the cold color tones, help convey your confidence and seriousness to the user. Black, white and gray tones, which are considered neutral colors, convey calmness and formality to the opposite side. For this reason, the harmony of these colors and the products offered for sale is effective on the success level of the jewelery showcase.


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