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How Do Jewelers Sell to Gen Z?

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Published on July 2023

Gen Z generation, the representatives of the new generation, has different preferences in many subjects from fashion to architecture and accessory selection. The Z generation, who likes to use young, stylish and dynamic pieces and attaches importance to expressing themselves in an original way, also stands out with their unique choices in accessories and jewellery. The jewelry preferences of Gen Z also help create predictions about what will be popular in the years to come. The Gen Z generation, who pairs sportswear with iconic accessories, likes to add dimension to simple pieces. So, what are the Gen Z jewelry trends? In this article, we focused on the jewelry preferences of the Z generation.

What Are the Trends for Gen Z?

Generation Z, born in the digital age, shapes many creative fields from fashion to accessories with the different choices they make. The new generation, which also has the power of social media, redefines trends by giving importance to products that reflect their feelings and thoughts. Concepts such as minimalism, effortless elegance and magnificence born of minimalism are among the style passwords of Gen Z. Here are the prominent trends in Gen Z's jewelry selection:

Minimal Aesthetics

The minimalism movement, which has influenced the whole world in recent years, emphasizes simplicity in every field from architecture to design and fashion. This trend, which emphasizes the beauty of aesthetics that comes from simplicity, has also affected the Z generation. Modern and sporty designs are also very popular. Elegant symbols, pendants, minimal earring designs, chain necklaces that look like they don't exist on the neck and thin bracelets are among the most preferred jewelry. Simplicity and elegance play the leading role in minimal jewelry models that stay away from exaggeration.

The Power of Design

In addition to the minimalism movement, the power of design in creative areas is also quite remarkable. Jewelry with original and different design lines is the favorite of the new generation. Accessories that look like 3D, eye-catching geometric shapes and extraordinary dimensions manage to enter Gen Z's radar. Joint rings, 3-dimensional rings and necklaces, geometric-shaped accessories, where the Z generation can reveal their original style, are among the popular models of recent times. Design models that overlap with the concept of effortless elegance reveal the unique perspective of the new generation with its wide product range.

Magnificence Powered by Minimalism

The Z generation, which does not compromise on minimal designs, finds the elegance they seek by using plain pieces intensively when they seek ostentation and splendor on special occasions. In this trend, which can be defined as a claim arising from minimalism, the wearing of joint rings on all fingers side by side and the use of necklaces on top of each other offer a striking and impressive look. Wearing three or four earrings on the ears and adorning the wrists with colorful and fine jewelry are also indispensable in Gen Z's style.

By visiting in the Istanbul Jewelry Show, you can learn more about Gen Z jewelry trends in jewelry and accessory models, and include designs that meet the expectations of the new generation in your store's collection.

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