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How Can Handmade Jewelry Reach The User Sustainable?

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Published on July 2023

Handmade jewelry is a category that has attracted more attention in the jewelry industry in recent years. Sellers may need to act individually in terms of transportation, as the manufacturers of handmade jewelry are different. Therefore, they should determine their own strategies in terms of marketing, transportation and distribution. This situation may create opposite results to the concept of sustainability, which has become more prominent with environmental awareness in recent years.

The advanced logistics practices of big brands are advantageous in transporting and distributing large quantities of goods. Moving in large fleets can reduce fossil fuel consumption in transportation. Individual distributions of small businesses that produce handmade jewelry can result in high fossil fuel consumption due to the small amount of goods transporting in different directions.

Logistics practices for environmentally friendly transportation in the jewelry industry should be handled within the framework of sustainability. Since transportation causes high carbon emissions and harms the environment, it is a priority issue within the scope of sustainability. Making moves for sustainability in logistics, shipping, display and marketing activities of handmade jewelry sellers increases the brand value.

Environmentally Friendly Transportation is Priority in the Jewelry Industry

Although individually reducing carbon emissions is effective in problems related to climate and natural resources, the steps taken by brands for large-scale expenditures are more important. For this reason, companies in the jewelery industry should build their strategies on the concept of sustainability and make environmentally friendly breakthroughs. Environmentally friendly transportation in the jewelery industry is about managing social, economic and environmental impacts in the best way in the long term. Sustainability projects can be prepared to consciously use natural resources and reduce carbon emissions.

You may want to develop your customer base by marketing your handmade jewelry. In this case, you can make sustainable breakthroughs by participating in community work rather than individual work. Participating in jewelry fairs organized for this purpose, as well as social media and digital marketing, is a sustainable way for product promotion and display. In this way, the works done in partnership with the fair increase the collective movement and are effective in reducing carbon emissions. Working with the community for shipping and transportation delivers sustainable results for logistics.

Principles Should Be Acted Upon In The Transportation Process

When organizing sustainable projects in the transportation of handmade jewelry in the jewelry industry, you can adhere to the eight principles published by the Global Development Research Center. Within the scope of the eight principles of sustainable transportation, you can create your projects as follows:
The principle of accessibility is the right to access territory, goods, services and people. You can spread sustainable moves to different regions in handmade jewelry distributions. Depending on the integrated planning principle, you can make arrangements in any area where transportation and logistics are needed.

Within the framework of the principle of equality, all people from all walks of life have access to transportation. While adapting this principle to your projects, you can choose a product range by considering the economic situation of the region for goods transported to different regions and reduce the need for logistics.

By adhering to the principle of health and safety, you can arrange transportation planning in a way that respects animal and human rights. Depending on the principle of land and resource use, you can make a self-sacrificing and respectful planning for the existence of nature in many areas such as obtaining raw materials, processing, marketing and distribution.

Depending on the principles of individual responsibility and prevention of pollution, you can determine the damage to the environment and solutions at the handmade jewelry production, packaging and logistics stages of your business.
By making cost planning, you can take action to determine environmentally friendly ways for the steps you will take within the scope of sustainability without harming your business.

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