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Effective Use of Social Media for B2C Jewelry Companies

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Turkish jewelry industry which is among the few sectors that managed to make it through the global pandemic with least damage, continued to compete with global giants of the sector in 2021 as well thanks to its experience, high production capacity and its ability to follow novelties closely, while at the same time maintaining its existing export markets.

The sector which managed to grow by paying attention to adapt to technological advancements and changes, continues to improve and diversify its approaches to reaching customers in the right and quality manner. And among those approaches, the top one is effective use of social media platforms.

Importance of Social Media in Figures

Social media continues to evolve every day. For jewelry producers this means that they shouldn’t ignore this transformation and should develop a long-term relationship with your customers. The number and quality of customers you can reach via social media is increasing and improving as well. Used by customers from all levels of society, social media channels mean big opportunities for jewelry producers as well. Below are some statistics related to social media and customers you can reach using it;

  • Over 60 million people use Internet in Turkey. This is quite a high figure compared to other people. And of that 60 million people, 52 million are active Internet users.
  • Of all social media users, the number of those who prefer to use mobile devices has reached 44 million.
  • Average Internet use is around 7 hours in Turkey, which is quite high. And at least 3 hours of that time is spent on social media.
  • The most used social media channels is YouTube which is followed by Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Things to Consider for an Effective Social Media Strategy

The rapid increase in the number of social media users requires that you develop and implement a well-planned and effective social media strategy. For B2C jewelry sector producers that get together via jewelry exhibitions, social media strategies that help them reach their customers more easily, faster and more effectively would also give them a more efficient business model.

Generate Traffic via Entertaining Content

You need to appeal to your customer base in order to create content that resonates with your target audience. And that is possible thought creating entertaining content. In particular, you can use blogs to have your customers share your content which in turn would help increase your brand awareness.

In addition to entertaining content, you can also use informative content about your products. You can talk about how and where they can use your products and create demand for your products from your target audience. Also creating a content calendar for your posts would be beneficial in ensuring continuity of your relationship with your customers. As a result, increased web traffic would translate into more sales.

Utilize the Right Channels

You should focus on social media channels where your customers are most active. You can share your content and advertising and marketing campaigns with customers via these channels. Facebook is one of the top social media channels where you can implement your social media strategy most effectively as it offers highly developed online advertising options and offers a quite big target audience compared to physical events like jewelry exhibitions. Just like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well are highly used by people aged 18-40. Your content on these platforms should avoid a serious and official language and rather have a more sincere attitude. It would be a good idea also to reflect that sincere language to your designs as well. 

Video content are the most appealing for social media audiences. With fun and engaging videos, you can promote your brand and your products via your official YouTube or Instagram IG TV channels using live videos or video posts easily.

Create Engagement

Just communicating with and appealing to your customer base via social media channels may not suffice for an effective social media strategy. You shouldn’t see your target audience only as a customer base but you should rather include them in your brand management process. And the best way to do that is to create engagement.

You can create engagement by asking questions to your target audience or by organizing contests or doing surveys and by sharing their feedback again on your social media channels. Including your customers in the game would strengthen the bond between your company and your customer while at the same time increasing your sales.

In addition to organic content, you can communicate with your target audience via other ways as well. Collaborating with influencers that resonate with your brand would be highly beneficial in driving traffic to your website.

Today, it is almost impossible to ignore social media which has become a major part of new world order. social media which results in diversification of customer base by revealing unique buying pattern, also pushes the producers to diversify their products and activities in order to adapt to this transformation.

Istanbul Jewelry Show is Turkey’s largest and world’s fifth biggest jewelry exhibition and by utilizing these tips for effective use of social media compiled for you by Istanbul Jewelry Show, to enlighten you, the jewelry producers, and to help you establish long-lasting and more sincere relations with your customers by using these tips, you can expand your sales channels, better understand your customers and create new opportunities by developing solutions to meet their needs and demands. To learn about new ideas, don’t forget to join Istanbul Jewelry Show which will be organized for the 51th time at Istanbul Expo Center between 24-27 March. 


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