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Iconic Jewelry Pieces of 1970s

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Bright and unconventional in an aesthetic sense, quintessential jewelry of the seventies is made of stones, feathers, and beads. The 1970s was a decade of change. It borrowed the bohemian trend of the sixties and turned it up. The designs were now brighter and bolder in their colour and appearance. There were a lot of flowery patterns and interesting designs.

Most of the trends in jewelry during this decade were influenced by prevailing counterculture attitudes, rock music, and disco. Even today, the admiration of 1970s jewelry designs exist. The fact that we are witnessing the second coming of the counterculture movement with the people is a sign that the seventies jewelry trends are a meaningful fit today. 

Jewelry Pieces of the 1970s that You Wish to Get Now 

The transition from the sixties, where people resorted to a single style, to the seventies, was the beginning of an era that focused on individual expression. Unlike the 1960s, the 1970s was a melting pot for different styles. 

Layered Necklaces 

Layered necklaces were an eclectic style of the seventies, and they were a combination of different materials. Here, many layers of necklaces were combined with an elegant pendant and sometimes dainty chokers. This one trend has not gone away per se but is now having a new surge of popularity. 

Gold Bracelets 

Out of all the metals used back in the 1970s, gold was the most popular. The gold jewelry used was mostly bulky, chunky bangles and bracelets. Thick gold bangles and bracelets of the seventies are great jewelry additions even now. 

Jewelry Pieces of the 1970s That You Don't Wish To Have Again 

While the jewelry designs of the 1970s are flamboyant, some pieces are over the top. These worn today would be odd or out of place. 

Oversized Jewelry 

Oversized jewelry was one of the signature trends of the seventies, but it is not fondly remembered in hindsight. Earrings, gemstones, bangles, rings, everything became oversized. They were meant to represent the individualist mindset of the time, but the buzz around this trend vanished eventually. 

Animal Cuff Bracelets 

Some bracelets were iconic, like that of David Webb’s animal cuff bracelets. But many of them were not elegant or graceful. This was the reason most people avoided animal cuff bracelets altogether. 

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