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8 Famous Jewelry Designers You’ll Want to Follow Now  

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When it comes to jewelry, Turkey stands out as one of the best. The country has graced several designers who have created a place with their unique and creative designs.

The Turkish jewelry export allows people around the world to witness the charms of Turkish jewelry. 

Some of the Designers that Rule the Industry  

Jewelry designers raise their voices and show their emotions in their designs, and portray them to the world. Some of the designers have made an irreplaceable mark in the jewelry industry. 

  • Sevan Bıçakcı from Turkey stands out as a star jeweler in the country. He draws his inspiration from the Grand Bazaar for his jewelry. He uses a micro-mosaic process for his stone rings that set them apart in the world. 
  • Hraç Arslanyan is one of the famous Turkish jewelry designers who has learnt the techniques of jewelry art. He has a jewelry centre, Mahreç. Arslanyan develops intricate designs and creates unique boutique jewelry, which is a mixture of both Eastern and Western cultures. 
  • Zeynep Erol is a designer who showcases various cultures in her designs. She specialises in bringing the different philosophies with a modern touch in her jewelry. Her designs are creative to the trend and era. 
  • Yeşim Yüksek creates innovative and genuine designs that highlight her as one of the trendiest designers. Her Turkish jewelry designs have the fusion of tradition and contemporary elements to them. 
  • Rosh Mahtani is a famous London jewelry designer who has crafted her experience through her designs. She has also drawn inspiration from Dante’s literary work, and she conveys stories through her jewelry. Rosh founded Alighieri, which is the destination of all her unique creations. 
  • Irene Neuwirth has designed pieces that reflect the modern era. Her famous jewelry designs reflect art and colour that is the trend of the 21st century. In her signature designs, she used unmanufactured and raw gemstones, implementing her distinctive style to it. 
  • Petr Anexoff sticks to the roots with his jewelry designs. He brings in the essence of Russian culture and its history to his designs. Anexoff’s unique collections are related to Russian imperialism and fairy tales from Russian culture. 
  • Nadia Shelbaya is a rising star who has placed her mark in the jewelry industry. She stands apart with her unique designs that fuse the Danish and Egyptian cultures. Her jewelry is considered to be rebellious and tactile, with her vibrant heritage present throughout. 

Meet the World at the Jewelry Exhibition

The Istanbul Jewelry Show is one of the biggest jewelry trade fairs. You can find the best international and Turkish jewelry here. Some of the major Turkish jewelry exports negotiations are conducted at this jewelry show. The 51th edition of the Istanbul Jewelry Show will take place between 24-27 March 2022 at the Istanbul Expo Center. Subscribe to our e-newsletter by clicking here to learn when online registration is live. 


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