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Web Sites Where Jewelry Brands Can Create Easy Branding Materials for Their Company 

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Most jewelry stores still do not use digital platforms which help to create their brand. Some have yet to own an official corporate logo. Creating a brand requires a proper marketing strategy, which also includes using digital marketing tools. With the right tools in your hand, you can surpass the competition with recognized jewelry branding. 

There are helpful branding digital platforms that are foundational such as CRM, email marketing, analytics, etc. However, other more specialized tools can let you control everything with just one platform. These platforms contain designing tools, keyword rankers, and more. The following are some digital branding tools to create jewelry marketing and branding materials. These type of materials will help you to boost your products on digital as we clarified in our one of previous contents.

Canva Business Plan for Jewelry Brands

Canva is one of the useful graphic design platforms that can contribute to your business. It offers plans starting from free to $12.95 per month for teams. Enterprises can go for custom pricing based on their requirements. The free plans offer several designs and templates that businesses and individuals can use. Check it out at https://www.canva.com/ 

An advantage of using Canva is the drag and drop design platform, where users can create custom shapes, icons, and pictures with different fonts from the catalogue. Presentations, logos, posters, graphs, and images can be created for the brand’s digital marketing. 

Trello for Jewelry Brands

Secondly, Trello focuses on organizing and offers plans from free to $20.83/month. This digital platform is a content management tool used for strategizing and planning content for digital marketing. The free plans at Trello allow teams to organize work and manage them together. Trello can be accessed here at https://trello.com/en and you can sign up for free as well. 

This platform shows scheduled content in a visualized way and allows the manager to assign cards to employees to know who oversees each task. The business manager can create cards, notes, deadlines, and topics for the various teams. This tool helps in providing clarity on the different scheduled projects. 

Slack for Jewelry Brands

Slack is a business communication platform. It offers free plans for small to medium businesses and custom pricing for enterprises. The platform is one of the most selected services for communicating among members. The free version in Slack has some limitations but still offers a lot of features a business can use. Slack accounts can be made at https://slack.com/intl/en-in/. 

A great digital marketing tool, it also provides unlimited integration with tools. Team members can publish A/B testing results, transaction notifications, analytics results, sales, customer support, or customer reach. 

Iconosquare for Jewelry Brands

Lastly, Iconosquare offers plans from $49 to $139 per month. It is a digital platform that offers social media digital analytics, making data-driven plans for various social media platforms. Iconosquare offers a 14-day free trial for businesses to discover whether it is best for their business. You can sign up for the trial at https://pro.iconosquare.com/. 

Users can make custom dashboards that help in quickly visualizing the metrics based on social media marketing. This platform can be used for managing different profiles and social media presence. The powerful features based on time, location, comments, and user tagging allow content publishing automatically. You can check your growth meter and understand your performance. 

Various Digital Marketing Tools The above are some of the most popular tools used for jewelry branding and extensive jewelry marketing digitally and socially. These tools are great for a productive and organized day for work. Though a few are mentioned, there are tons of marketing tools available. 

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