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Precious Stone Trends for 2022 

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Until recently years, emerald, ruby and sapphire products were the favorite of the jewelry lovers. With changing trends, demand for precious minerals have increased while diamond and its derivatives started to be preferred only for special occasions.

As a result, glittering and showy precious stones were replaced with options like spinel, paraiba tourmaline and zircon which attract attention with their striking colors and unique features. 

Prominent Features of Jewelry in 2022

Jewelry pieces which used to be saved for special occasions, are now preferred as complementary accessories for all dress combinations. Everyone wishing to carry chicness and elegance on them, prefer precious jewelry as complementary accessories. Thus, designers prefer to create designs that both align with main stream fashion trends and offer a wide range of color options.  

Jewelry designs with colors much different than those of diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby are more in demand by the users. Contrary to previous generations, especially young adults prefer simple yet vibrant designs that can be used daily and can be easily combined with dresses. In her book titled TrendsVision 2021+, Paola de Luca who is a world-famous Italian luxury trends forecaster, claims that pastel shades will dominate as the trending colors for 2022 jewelry designs. Also, the fact that the consumer demand in 2021 mostly leaned towards jewelry with pale shades of sapphire and emerald give some clue as to the jewelry trends of 2022.  

Precious Stones of 2022 Jewelry Designs

It is a fact that colors have been more at the forefront than designs in precious stones preferred in recent years. These versatile colors can achieve harmony with all kinds of combinations and gold and silver jewelry. In 2022, pink, blue, green and purple stones are at the forefront in jewelry. In addition, it is foreseen that diamond designs as well will be high in demand. However, these stones will be designed mostly with natural stones in modern designs. At the same time, it is believed that these new designs with natural stones will be in demand not only by women but also by men. In line with the fashion trends of 2022, designers are expected to use the following stones in their designs: 

  • Paraiba Tourmaline: The elegant blue of sapphire gains a new dimension with paraiba tourmaline which is a nano crystal product. In addition to being used on its own, this stone can also be combined with zircon or  spinel which has contrasting colors.  
  • Spinel: This flame-red stone is preferred mostly in extraordinary designs.  
  • Alexandrite: Famous for changing its color depending on day light, this stone seems like it’s going to be quite popular with jewelry options it offers in 2022. 
  • Green Garnet: This stone is expected to be used mostly in bracelet and necklace designs. 

All these stones of different colors and more are expected to be combined with different stones in 2022 and create extraordinary designs coming out of unique color blends.  

Jewelry Designs in 2022  

Modern world seems to have chosen extraordinary and asymmetrical designs over the classical models of the past. It is expected that in jewelry of 2022, vibrant stones will color mostly white gold items. In necklace designs, instead of standard pendants, wide details that ornament neck area are expected to prevail while in earring designs, colorful figures inspired from nature are expected to be dominant in jewelry trends.

In 2022, more than one colored precious stone will be decorating earrings. Standard single-stone earrings and rings are expected to be replaced by unique forms. A similar trend is expected for bracelets as well. It is believed that asymmetrical models will prevail mostly in bracelet designs.  

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