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How to Export Jewelry?

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One of the sectors in which Türkiye is the strongest in terms of exports is the jewelery sector. Türkiye also manages to be among the world's largest gold jewelry producers. In order to be able to export jewelery that attracts and will continue to attract attention to different countries, it is necessary to keep in mind some important details and to follow a certain procedure.

First Point: Market Share Research by Country

The first point that companies planning to export jewelry should be careful about is the choice of target country. In this context, it can be beneficial to evaluate the jewelry export data announced every year. Some countries such as the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and Germany are at the top of the list in this regard. There are many countries with which Türkiye has a free trade agreement (FTA). In this respect, there are different countries whose negotiations have been completed, are in progress or have been attempted to negotiate. The free trade agreement makes the export procedure more manageable by offering conveniences such as tax-free exports. For this reason, it makes sense to prefer countries with FTA while exporting jewellery.

Effective Process Management According to Required Procedure

It is necessary to act within the framework of a procedure when exporting jewelry. In this respect, there are important documents that need to be prepared:

● At the very beginning of the process, a proforma invoice, which is an offer for sales transactions, is prepared. When the sales transaction is finalized, this proforma invoice turns into the original invoice. This original, commercial invoice, is based on the legal regulations of the importing country. The commercial invoice approved by the consulate of the importing country is certified.

● Due to customs legislation, customs declaration has to be prepared. In some cases, it is not possible to change the information specified in the declaration later, and in some cases, some difficulties may arise. Therefore, it is very important that the declaration is prepared carefully. The declaration is approved by the relevant exporters association.

● A freight invoice is issued for sea and inland waterway shipments.

● It is important to prepare an A.TR circulation certificate in order to benefit from customs exemption when exporting to member countries of the European Union.

● It may be necessary to prepare a certificate of origin showing the place of production of the exported products. This situation varies according to the demand of the importing country.

● Along with the A.TR circulation certificate, it may be necessary to prepare the supplier's declaration. This document is issued to show the origin of products covered by the Pan-European Cumulation of Origin.

● In case of exporting to countries that are party to the Pan-European Mediterranean Cumulation, the EUR-MED circulation certificate, which is a proof of origin document, is prepared.

● With the ATA carnet issued by the chamber of commerce, customs documents enabling the temporary import-export of goods are prepared.

● The bill of lading and shipping documents prepared by the company that delivers the products, as well as the packing list containing detailed information about the products shipped, such as volume, constitute other requirements in the export process.

Factors Supporting Export

Various supports are offered by the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Türkiye to companies that want to export. The Ministry financially supports exporting companies in different areas such as foreign market research and participation in the fair. Türkiye Export Credit Bank A.Ş./Türk Eximbank also provides loans with different maturity features for exports.

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