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Guide to Solitaire and Engagement Ring Style

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Buying an engagement ring is an incredible milestone in one’s life. As it is a symbol of love and commitment, you should make sure that you find a ring that is the perfect match for your partner and your relationship. A solitaire ring is a timeless classic and is usually the ring of choice. The most important factors for picking a ring are the cut and the setting or mounting. Rings have different styles and appearances based on these factors. 

The most popular solitaire ring cuts include the round, oval, princess, emerald, cushion, marquise, and pear cuts. All of these are unique and priceless in their own way, and you must choose the style that appeals to you the most. The main categories of settings are prong and bezel. 

Prong Setting - An Essential Guide 

The prong setting is an ideal choice for an engagement ring. Not only does it make the ring look beautiful and showcase the gems, but it also provides a robust base for the diamond (or other precious stone). It is also known as the claw setting, as it resembles an animal claw. Initially, the prongs usually point upwards, and once the diamond is placed within them, the prongs are fixed around the stone to hold it securely. 

This setting has many advantages as it utilizes a lesser amount of metal than other rings. It can be tailored to suit your preference of diamond cut and is also very easy to clean. And most importantly, it allows you to show off the diamond as much (or as little) as you want. 

Main Types of Prong Settings 

Here are the most common types of prong settings used in engagement rings. 

Standard 4-Prong: As the name suggests, this setting has four prongs that are attached to the band. It highlights the diamond very well and keeps it secure too. It is best suited for square cuts.

 Standard 6-Prong: This setting has six prongs, and therefore, it covers the diamond a little more. However, it gives added support to the stone and works really well with round cuts. 

Most settings have the 4 or 6 prong type as the base. Let us look at more elaborate setting designs for solitaire rings. 

Peg Prong: Here, the prongs meet the band of the ring in a V formation. They look great when paired with a wedding ring. 

Basket Prong: In this style, the base is the classic 4 or 6 prong setting. However, additional prongs are attached to the band to make it look like a basket. This might not show off the diamond as much as other settings, but it secures it the most. 

Double Prong: Here, at each level, there are two prongs that are placed next to each other. So, usually, there will be eight prongs in total. 

Tab Prong: In this style, the prongs are of a smaller height and are less likely to get caught or stuck in fabric. 

Trellis: This is a modern style, where the prongs are interwoven to create a stunning look. 

Choose your ring based on the prong setting that you like the most! 

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