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What is a Jewelry Designer? How to Become One?

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Jewelry design, known as the processing of important and precious stones that are extracted from the underground into various accessories and jewelry, has become much more prominent in recent years. People who want to be a jewelry designer need to go through certain training and gain different experiences in this field.

What is a Jewelry Designer?


Jewelry design is defined as the production of accessories and jewelry by processing precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum. Professionals who have received the necessary training and gained sufficient experience in this field are called jewelry designers. Although jewelery designers sometimes use precious jewels while doing their production work, they sometimes prefer ordinary beads. Being a jewelry designer requires a great deal of imagination and creativity. To briefly list the general duties of jewelry designers;

● Developing new and different designs

● Participating in various fairs or competitions

● To carry out operations that affect the appearance of jewelry, such as polishing and plastering

● Attract attention with their jewelry designs

● Sending the designs they have developed to various companies

How to Become a Jewelry Designer

Jewelry design, which has gain popularity recently , is among the professions that are frequently preferred by people with a wide imagination. There are two methods that can be applied to become a jewelry designer. The first of these is to have a successful education process in universities. The second is to receive intensive training on this field in the courses opened on jewelry design. For this purpose , people who want to improve themselves by getting professional training should head to the jewelry design department. In universities located in many provinces of Türkiye , the education period of this department is determined as 2 years. After completing the necessary training, people who develop themselves in the field of design have the opportunity to promote their own designs at fairs as a successful jewelry designer.

Jewelry Designer’s Salaries

Jewelry design, which is one of the important occupational groups in the world, also shapes the future. Thanks to their creative designs that they produce by using their imaginations, professionals work in various institutions and organizations. Salaries given to these professionals, who are in both the public and private sectors, vary depending on the workload and working order. First of all, the salaries are decided in direct proportion to the working details of the jewelry designers. People who want to pursue this profession and advance in jewelry design, after having the necessary education and experience, have the opportunity to live their profession in line with their dreams.. 

People who have succeeded in being a jewelry designer and continue this profession, successfully climb their career journey by seizing the opportunities that come their way.

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