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Jewelry Production Centers in Turkey

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Turkey is one of the leading jewelry manufacturing centres around the world. Turkish jewelry quality goes beyond expectations. The jewelry production centres in Turkey are scattered all across the country. Istanbul and Kahramanmaraş are the two prominent cities in terms of jewelry production. These cities host hundreds of different manufacturers, mounters and exporters to introduce the beautiful Turkish style jewelry. 

Turkish jewelry manufacturing sector has a large scope and potential. According to the Ministry of Trade, the entire jewelry sector employs more than 250.000 individuals. These numbers include jewelry exporters, jewelry manufacturers and jewelry sales firms. 

The current data from the Ministry show that Turkey has approximately 5.000 jewelry producers. The majority of these producers are exporting different jewelry productions all around the world. Turkey is one of the leading jewelry exporter countries. The unique style of Turkish jewelry can be visible across different manufacturers.

Kapalıçarşı (Grand Bazaar) 

Also known as Grand Bazaar, Kapalıçarşı is the oldest jewelry manufacturing hub in Turkey. Founded in 1476, the Grand Bazaar continues to be the most important jewelry centre in Istanbul. The bazaar has expanded over the years. According to IKO (Istanbul Chamber of Jewelers) There are more than 4.000 shops in Grand Bazaar spread across 61 streets. Among these 4.000 shops, there are 54 jewelry shops in Grand Bazaar. 

The expert jewelry masters in these shops carefully process gold and other precious stones. The stores in Grand Bazaar offer one of the best jewelry manufacturing practices all around the world. The tradition is sustained from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. The Grand Bazaar is the heart of the silver manufacturing and silver jewelry. In this sense, this centre is known as the silver capital of the country. 


Kuyumcukent is one of the relatively new Turkey jewellery centres. The centre was established in 2006 and continues to operate since that date. This shopping centre is entirely dedicated to jewellers as well as the wedding sector. The complex is built on 328.000 square meter area. According to the official website of Kuyumcukent, there are approximately 2.500 production units with more than 400 stores in the jewelry sector. 

Most of these stores sell wholesale products which consist of gold, silver and other valuable stones. Kuyumcukent is the modern face of Turkey in terms of jewellery manufacturing and design. Kuyumcukent handles a large portion of Turkish manufacturing production. Also, different jewellery styles and jewellery trends are exhibited in this large area.

Istanbul Vizyon Park 

Istanbul Vizyon Park is located close to Yeşilköy Free Zone and CNR Expo, Istanbul Fair Centre.  The project is planned to act as an important jewelry manufacturing hub and trade. It is one of the largest jewelry manufacturing centers in Istanbul and across Turkey. The construction of Istanbul Vizyon Park has been completed and the jewelers are actively working in this project.

There are more than 100 jewelry stores inside Istanbul Vizyon Park. Istanbul Vizyon Park is located right next to Istanbul Kuyumcukent. Both of these areas work to expand the jewelry sector in Turkey. From this perspective, Vizyon Park is one of the important jewelry trade centers in Istanbul. 


Other than İstanbul, Kahramanmaraş can be listed as one of the Turkish jewelry manufacturing centres. The jewellery sector in this city has been active since the ancient times. Currently, most of the jewellery production centres are gathered at the city centre. However, Kahramanmaraş city is making investments to expand its jewellery capabilities. The Jewellery Bazaar is located in Dulkadiroğlu district in the city. Furthermore, a new project called Kahramanmaraş Altınşehir (gold city) is undertaken. Altınşehir will gather different jewelers from different sectors. The project is expected to be one of the biggest jewellery centres around the world. 

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