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Details of Online Advertising Reports 

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Consumers spend quite some time online, carefully researching what they need to buy. This is definitely true when they make an expensive and rare purchase, like jewelry. As a jewelry business, it is not enough to only have a website or social media. You must make use of data to leverage your digital marketing campaigns fully. 

Advertising reports bring you a wealth of information that helps study online behavior, understand the audience, and bring a good return on investment. Overall brand performance can be improved with efficient pricing, website design, marketing strategy and more. Enhance online advertisements with the following tools. 

Google Ads 

Online advertisements can help your business flourish. Google Ads is a great tool that helps you connect with prospective buyers looking for their next - or even first - jewelry purchase! To set up an effective online advertisement campaign, you need to:

  1. Have your main advertising content (or ad copy) ready 
  2. Select the search keywords that are likely to be used by consumers 
  3. Calculate your daily budget 
  4. Set a clear schedule for the campaign 

How do you evaluate your campaign’s success? Google Ads provides an advertisement report in the form of their “Quality Score”. It is a tool that will give your advertisement a score of 1 to 10. High-quality ads will give you a high “Quality Score.”

You can improve your ads by using keywords that closely reflect what the user searches for. It is also essential to make an appealing ad copy as well as an appealing landing page (what the user will see after clicking your ad). 

Google Ads will show you statistics for both past and present ads. You can modify your campaign based on these reports and develop a robust online advertising strategy. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Get intelligent and data-driven insights from this free, handy tool. After installing Google Analytics, you can capture a wide variety of data about visitors, including: 

  • the city or country that they are browsing from, 
  • how long they spend on your website, 
  • specific product pages that are most clicked on, 
  • and much more! 

Google Analytics generates various reports, including advertisement reports, behavior reports, and audience demographic reports. The advertisement reports can help you understand your Google Ads campaign. The audience and behavior reports assist in understanding your customers. 

You can use these reports to modify your website design and advertising campaigns. A few useful metrics: 

  1. The origin of your website traffic – emails, social media, search traffic, and more 
  2. The proportion of new users and returning visitors 
  3. Demographic data 
  4. The product pages that get the most clicks and views 
  5. Most searched queries 

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the data. Start simple and decide what you want to analyze. Use these advertisement reports to create a successful online advertising campaign for your jewelry business! Control your costs, manage your campaign, and measure your success accurately. 

Discover Istanbul Jewelry Show 

This year the Istanbul Jewelry Show will start from the 7 till the 10th of October. This jewelry show presents all the leading jewelry brands worldwide, with almost 80% being Turkish jewelry. Such a fair which attracts a population from all around the world provides an excellent opportunity for the Turkish jewelers to present their extravagant designs and promotes Turkish jewelry export. 

When you make sure that you cross-check all the above credentials and your website passes the test, it is ready to go. The Turkish jewelry show will give you a perfect opportunity to flaunt your website and push your Turkish jewelry export.  Click here to register online.


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