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4 Environment Friendly and Economic Decoration Tips for your Jewelry Store

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Jewelry stores stand out as being more lavish and vibrant spots compared to other stores. However, today concepts like environmentally friendly and cost-effective production have become quite popular and important in creating public awareness. And in our country as well emphasis has shifted towards environmentally friendly production practices in almost every sector to ensure sustainability of life. 

Making use of recyclable materials, saving energy, using cost-effective illumination systems and preferring minimalism in decoration are among the details that come to mind when talking about environment friendliness in interior design. Well, what are ways of designing a jewelry store in an environment friendly and cost-effective way? We compiled 4 environment friendly and cost-effective decoration tips for you. 

Use Energy Saving Illumination Systems 

Illumination is among the major expenditure items for a jewelry store. Thus, one need to start with illumination in order to adopt a more environment friendly and cost-effective approach to interior design of a jewelry shop. 

LEDs which are known to be environment friendly are both ideal for large spaces and are long lasting, thus ensuring energy savings and lower electricity bills. In addition, LEDs prevent light pollution by decreasing the amount of dispersed light in a space which in turn helps items sold in a jewelry store to stand out even more. 

There are some tricks to achieve more illumination with less light in a jewelry store. One of them is to use bright colors. Colors like white, beige or light gray would make your store look much brighter. Also using mirrors on the walls and on the interiors would also help make your store look much more illuminated, bright and spacious. Mirrors in a jewelry store also help customers make decisions as to which products to buy easier. 

Spend Less Energy by Using Less Furniture 

Using less furniture brings along energy savings. Spaces with minimalist decoration use less water, energy and chemical materials. To achieve an environment friendly and cost-effective jewelry store, all you need to do is to use less furniture.  

You can use a chat table or an ottoman chair with minimalist design next to counters where products are displayed and maximize spaces used, thus spending less energy. Using too many furniture also results in increased cleaning material expenditure in addition to increased energy and water expenditure. This means using more chemicals for cleaning the store. By using less furniture, you can use both less chemicals, achieve energy savings and find more cost-effective solutions. Preventing furniture clutter inside the store also decreased use of plastics.  

Direct Customer Attention to Products and Achieve Energy Savings with Minimalist Designs  

Minimalist design both provide energy savings and help products in a jewelry store stand out. Also, in situations where you want to create a specific decoration style, you can go the minimalist way. If your product portfolio consists mostly of products using Ottoman motifs, you can go for authentic furniture with light colors and simple designs. In addition, if you wish to achieve a jewelry store with more contemporary lines, you can use furniture with vibrant colors and sharp lines. Also, by decorating your store with plants you can create a more natural and fresher look for your store. 

Make use of Recycled Furniture 

Using recyclable products both helps you create an environment friendly store and ensures all decorative items used inside the store fit your taste. You can recycle your old furniture in different ways and create a unique and high-quality ambiance inside your jewelry store. Also, as you will not be buying new furniture, this would bring you cost savings as well. 

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