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10 Tools Every Jeweler Needs

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Published on May 2023

Jewelers; They are the persons responsible for the sale, production and repair of jewelry and similar valuable products. Jewelers working with precious stones such as gold, metal, diamonds and silver; It uses a variety of techniques to produce jewelry. Soldering, cutting, forging, casting and polishing are the most commonly used techniques. In addition, jewelers may need to fulfill different demands specific to their customers. The tools that every jeweler needs for all these processes are detailed in our article.

How Do Jewelers Work?

Jewelers, who carry out many tasks from the production of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and all other similar accessories to the sale, repair and marketing, establish one-to-one relationships with their customers. Thus, damaged jewelry received by the customer should be repaired. Broken, missing or defective products are repaired, reshaped or polished and made ready for reuse.

What Are Jewelry Tools?

Jewelers need some tools both to win the appreciation of their customers and to make the most of precious stones. Thus, it is possible to reveal creativity and talent. Here are the tools used by jewelers when repairing gemstones and jewelry:

1. Screwdriver: You can choose screwdriver for disassembly, loosening or tightening and you can produce more durable jewelry.

2. Pliers: One of the tools you may need most for holding, designing and machining parts is pliers. You can choose flat, round, oblique or half-round screws according to your needs.

3. File: You can use a file to shape, cut, and align metal parts. Thus, it is possible to rasp products of different sizes and make them of equal size and smoothness.

4. Ring Gauge: One of the most important elements in jewelry is customer satisfaction. Therefore, finger measurements are necessary as different customers come to the jeweler's shop every day. With the ring gauge, you can easily take finger measurements of different customers and make personalized production or designs.

5. Hammer: It is possible to make changes on the size of the pieces and shape the jewelry according to the needs with the hammer.

6. Soldering Materials: Soldering materials are used to join parts, make unique designs and increase the durability of jewelry. Soldering materials, which are among the most frequently used jeweler's tools; solder is a soldering gun and solder paste.

7. Microscope: Jewelers can produce or sell finely crafted jewelry on gemstones and jewelery to reveal unique designs. As a jeweler, you need a microscope to evaluate the value and quality of a piece of jewelry from production to sale.

8. Stone Cutting Tools: Jewelers; sometimes it can work with stones that are difficult to process and shape. You can choose cutting tools for these hard stones and create the design you want.

9. Test Stone: You can use the test stone and perform the necessary checks to make sure that the jewels are real.

10. Measuring Instruments: You can use measuring instruments to precisely measure and balance the products in jewelry.

Jeweler hand tools; They are important equipments preferred by jewelers in their production, maintenance and repair activities. You can choose the tools you want according to the materials, needs and techniques used.

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