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The 4Cs in Diamonds: What Are They?

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Published on June 2024

Diamonds, the timeless symbols of special occasions, find their place in jewelry collections due to their precious nature and quality craftsmanship. However, despite the striking beauty of diamonds that captivates every woman's dreams, there are certain rules that should be known about these precious stones. While the design of the jewelry and the details of the stones may catch the eye at first glance, attention must be paid to the important rules specified in the certificate. So, what is the 4C rule in diamonds?

What is the 4C Rule in Diamonds?

Diamonds, which have preserved their rare value for centuries, are obtained by giving a certain form to the diamond. When looked at with the naked eye, all diamonds, whose raw material is diamond, can be thought of as identical to each other. However, each diamond stands out from the others with its brilliance and certificate rules. So, what are these features that make each diamond special and unique? Here is the diamond 4C rule that emphasizes the importance of jewelry selections:

Budget Quality Balance: Carat Weight

When it comes to the 4Cs in diamonds, carat is generally the first thing that comes to mind. Carat, known as the weight unit of diamonds, can be explained as one-fifth of a gram. 1 carat equals 0.20 grams. The most ideal carat range in solitaire diamonds is between 0.20-0.40. In short, as the carat ratio increases, the price of the jewelry also increases proportionally. However, the carat ratio alone is not determinative in pricing. Many factors, from clarity to cut form, have a decisive effect.

Power of Brilliance: Cut

The more accurate and successful the cutting technique, the easier it is to capture the brilliance and beauty of the diamond. Otherwise, the diamond will deviate from its desired level of reflection of light, thus losing its brilliant appearance.

Depending on the preference of your customers, paying attention to mathematical proportions when cutting stones in different shapes such as round, heart, pear, and oval is also crucial for a flawless appearance. For example, cutting the diamond in a flat manner causes it to lose light from the bottom and naturally lose value. The ideal cutting shape should allow all the light to reflect on the surface. Thus, you can reveal the dazzling and noble appearance of diamond stones.

Dazzling Diamond 4C Rule: Color

Diamonds are categorized into 20 different color scales with the letters D to Z. The colors are so close to each other that they must be examined by a jewelry expert to be distinguished. It is possible to examine the color scale under 5 different headings:
• D-E-F: Known as colorless diamonds. It is a very rare group in terms of color.
• G-H-I-J: These types of diamonds appear colorless when viewed from below. However, they can be said to be white when viewed from above. It is the most satisfying color scale in terms of price and performance in Turkey. While the G-H group does not contain yellow color, a slight yellow tone can be seen in the I-J color options.
• K-L-M: They are weak in color and appear close to white.
• N-O-P-Q-R: There is hardly any trace of white. They are diamonds in yellow and brown colors.
• S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z: They are light in color. They are classified before yellow and brown colors.
As the color goes towards D in diamonds, the degree of whiteness and brightness increases. Consequently, the price ratio also varies accordingly.

Clarity for Transparent and Flawless Appearance

The minerals inside the diamond determine the level of clarity. Finding a completely flawless diamond in nature is almost impossible. Therefore, stones with the least traces can be considered valuable and flawless. The clarity scale in diamonds starts with the stage of IF-FL. At the last stage is I2/I3. The recommended clarity is SI level. Diamonds at the VS level can be offered at reasonable prices.
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