54. Istanbul Jewelry Show | 05 - 08 October 2023

55. Istanbul Jewelry Show | 17 - 20 April  2024

Venue | Istanbul Expo Center

Art For Jewellery - Inspiration Hub

Enjoy the mesmerizing visual feast, stunning digital art installation "Jewel's Time Warp,"  inspiring artworks and panels with special guests on 05-08 October 2023

“Art for Jewellery – Inspiration Hub” is an art and culture movement that started in the jewellery industry.

Its beginnings were laid with the first "Time Warp" exhibition at the jewellery fair in 2010, following the first works in 2009. The ongoing works have taken their final form today with the culture and art movement known as "Art for Jewelery—Inspiration Hub" and its associated activities.

With the help of the Jewelry Exporters' Association and the Istanbul Jewelry Show, it is a lively event and exhibition space that hosts a wide range of events, such as;

  • Works of art that will be used to inspire new jewellery designs
  • Panels with international influencers and international artists
  •  WGSN, the world's leading trend forecaster, will present seminars on the most recent jewellery trends
  • "Jewel’s Time Warp," a visually stunning digital installation.

The new installation, which goes from 12,000 B.C. to the present day, is again called "Jewel's Time Warp" in honour of the first "Time Warp" exhibition.

"Art for Jewellery—Inspiration Hub" aims to reflect and increase the impact of art and works of art in the jewellery industry in order to inspire different designs that the industry requires and to support the creation of high-quality content.

Also, Hub enables art and artists to contribute to the jewellery industry by developing events and different projects that combine the aesthetic view of art and design with the sincerity of craft culture, providing an opportunity for interaction between designers and artists around the world and in our country.

At A Glance Art For Jewellery - Inspiration Hub that took place at Istanbul Jewelry Show - March 2023

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