Art For Jewellery - Inspiration Hub

“Art for Jewelery – Inspiration Hub” is a lively event and exhibition space that carries the inspiring aspect of art to the Istanbul Jewelry Show

The “Art for Jewelery – Inspiration Hub” event, designed by Jewelery Consultant Aylin Gözen with the support of the Jewelery Exporters' Association, at the Istanbul Jewelery Show, aims to reflect and increase the impact of art and artworks, which opens up broad horizons and is a philosophy of perceiving the world, in the jewelery industry.

In the 300m2 area, where the paintings and sculptures of the artists are included, apart from the panel area, there is also a 1965 classic 280 SL W113 pagoda model Mercedes describing the gold coin collection, the beliefs about gold, the color of gold and its use in goods, including the coins used during the reign of the last 6 sultans.

It will take place in Istanbul Jewelry Show - October 2022 at Istanbul Expo Center, HALL 1 B20.

You can find panel details below.

Content: In the panel and exchange of ideas, combining the aesthetic view of art and design with the sincerity in the culture of the craft; In addition to the subjects specified in the objectives, art, the formation process of the artworks, the effects of different disciplines of art on the jewelery industry and the concept of jewelery design will be examined.

Panel Calendar : 13:30 - 6 October, Thursday

Moderator: Hamdi Alkan / Yönetmen- Sanatçı


  • Pervin Ersoy
  • Ece Vahapoğlu
  • Burak Yakın
  • Özge Günaydın

  • To produce original value-added products in the jewelry industry, inspired by the power of artistic expression.
  • Jewelry culture and industrial relations in the history of fashion.
  • The place of jewelry in culture and art.
  • The production process of the jewelry and our traditional techniques.

Panel Calender: 13:30 - 7 October, Friday

Moderator: Aylin Gözen - Member of the World Diamond Council / Chairman of the Promotion and Marketing Commission of the Istanbul Chamber of Jewelers


  • Prof. Gülveli Kaya
  • Dr.Feride Çelik
  • Dr. Özlem Süer
  • Arzu Kaprol
  • Hraç Aslanyan


  • The different perspective of art on the world, the reflections of this perspective on craft and design, and being a source of inspiration.
  • The Beginning of Civilization and Jewelry in Anatolia, Works on Jewelery and Jewelry
  • Jewelery in Mardin, its reflections today

Panel Calender: 13:308 October, Saturday

Moderator: Özgür Özgülgün / Theater Artist


  • Gültekin Çizgen
  • Nezih Başgelen
  • İlyas Gençoğlu

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