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Jewelry Colors of Year 2022 

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Even tough accessory trends, stone colors, jewelry designs and their effect reflected on combinations may vary from season to season, the sense of “eternity” is always at the forefront. Recent years’ trends are mostly dominated by earrings and necklaces. In current times we see individuals place more emphasis on their bust areas to reflect their delicate moods and elegance.

With social life getting increasingly active, and with the trend of returning to urban life, we see a trend towards use of jewelry in dominant tones, on most exposed parts of the body and especially around the face. Feelings of affection, loyalty and co-existence are more prevalent than ever and in the year 2022, jewelry colors are set by emotions. Accordingly, the most preferred colors are as follows:  

Warm yellow: Yellow diamond varieties that enhance illumination are expected to be the most preferred jewelry colors of 2022. In addition to warm yellow diamond, gold, sapphire, and citrine quartz as well are quite popular. These stones are mostly seen in vintage style jewelry.  

Metallic colors: Hard metals like platinum which represent durability, strength, and glitter, have their special place in the jewelry Pantone catalog of 2022. Especially, designs made of precious stones like Tahitian pearl, are at the forefront. 


Shades of Green and Blue: As individuals have the chance to be alone with themselves, they tend to turn and look at their inner worlds and decide more clearly what they like and what they do not. This brings along unique approaches especially in designs and colors. Minerals in shades of green and blue create a vibe reminiscent of nature and especially of the sea. Such special colors are the best fit for those that value comfort and uniqueness. And on jewelry decorated with yellow or gray stones, models crowned with blue and aqua shades are at the forefront.  

White pearl: In recent years, concepts of wisdom and hope have been at the forefront. Expression of wisdom gains more meaning with oysters that carry a mystery inside for years. Pearl, which is the symbol of serenity, patience and mystery in jewelry and accessories, shows its wisdom by glittering among other jewelry that crown it. 

Chocolate diamonds: Perceived by most people as the most solid form of happiness, chocolate looks quite aesthetic and sophisticated as a jewelry color as well. It is believed that brown diamonds will be quite at the forefront in jewelry designs 2022 as an expression of devotion to life. Chocolate diamonds represent individuals who place emphasis on issues of life, and approach with love and respect towards all living beings around them. All these jewelries which clearly demonstrate one’s stance and attitude via special designs, are among the most indispensable accessories of glittering, healthy and happy lives. 

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