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What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Special Case for Jewelers?

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Published on May 2023

One of the most important tools for jewelers to keep their jewelry and other precious metal products safe is jewelry safes. Jewelry safes protect against theft risk of jewelry, gold and silver, as well as other precious metal items. At the same time, it offers complete protection by protecting these valuables against fire, flood or other disasters. However, many different factors must be considered when choosing a jeweler's safe. Factors such as case lock, case size, case material, and case lock help jewelers choose the right case.

Jewelry Safe Lock

The safe lock is a critical factor for the safety of precious metal items in the safe. A safe lock can be a key or combination password mechanism used to open the safe. Keyed safe locks require the use of a specific key to open the safe. The disadvantage of this type of lock is the risk of losing access to the safe if the key is lost or stolen. It is therefore recommended to keep spare keys of the keylock well and, if possible, put a spare key somewhere.
Combination safe locks are used to open the safe by entering a combination. The advantage of this type of lock is that there is no risk of the key being lost or stolen. However, there are also risks such as forgetting the combination or malfunctioning of the password mechanism. Therefore, when choosing a jeweler's safe, a safe combination safe lock should be preferred.

Jewelry Case Size

One of the factors to be considered when choosing a jewelry case is the case size. The size of the case should be chosen depending on the volume of valuables that jewelers will store in the safe and where the safe will be placed. Choosing a size that fits all the items in the safe makes the job of jewelers much easier. However, choosing a case that is too small or too large than it should be can complicate the work of jewelers.

Case Material

The case material is used to construct the case to be durable and safe from attacks. Jewelery cases are usually made of steel or titanium. Steel is a more common material and is known for its superior durability properties. Although titanium is a less common material, it is stronger and lighter than steel. Therefore, titanium jewelery safes can be recommended for those with higher protection requirements. Jewelers' safes can be strengthened in various ways to increase durability. For example, there may be a layer of concrete or other durable material between the steel or titanium walls of the crates.

Jewelry Case Features

Some jewelry safes are equipped with extra security features such as alarm systems, fire and water protection. Apart from the classical locked systems, there are safes with biometric readers and jewelry safes with elevators. Biometric readers ensure that only authorized persons can open the safe and prevent thieves from accessing the safe. Alarm systems automatically alert the police when there is an intervention in the safe.
The elevator safe, on the other hand, makes it possible to ensure security while exhibiting valuable jewels to customers. Since the elevator jewelry safe is mounted on the showcase, it has a more complex system. At the end of the day or in the event of a security breach, instead of collecting the exhibited valuables by hand, you can easily carry them to the safe under the showcase by pressing a button.
Being careful in the selection of jewelry safes and giving priority to safety are of great importance in terms of protecting valuables. For this reason, you should carefully evaluate the special jewelry case models before you buy them in order to make a choice that suits your needs.

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