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What is Gold Carat Water?

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There are a few ways to know if the gold is real. One of the definitive ways to do this is to use gold carat water. So, what is gold-setting water and how do you use it?

The gold carat water is used to determine the adjustment degrees of the gold. With a short application made with gold carat water, it is easy to determine if the gold is real. Gold is also used to determine the adjustment degrees of silver and platinum with 9K, 14K, 18K, 19K, 22K and 24K adjustment gold. Gold-setting water contains potassium-dichromatte reagent and nitric acid. By varying the nitric acid grade, it is easy to determine the gold ratio in the tested mine. The gold setting water is located in packaging that is separated by adjustment rates. Available in non-ventilated bottles.

How to Use Gold Carat Water?

You can determine whether the metal in your hand is gold with a short and practical process. For this, you need to provide gold carat water and touchstone. A touchstone is a flint-like black or dark stone. It allows to determine the quality of products made of silver or gold. It has a hard, flat and finely rough surface. So, how is the touchstone used? How to determine the golden ratio with gold carat water? You can follow these steps to determine whether the mine is real gold or silver:

• First of all, have the product you want to detect whether it is gold, the touchstone and the gold carat water ready. The setting of the product and the degree of golden carat water should be the same. In other words, when detecting a 22 carat gold, the gold carat water must also be 22 carat gold water.

• First rub the product you are going to test against the touchstone. A trace will be formed on the product due to impact.

• Drop gold carat water on the area that has traces due to friction and wait for a while.

• Observe the treated area after drying the gold carat water with a clean cloth or a paper napkin.

• If there is no change in the area where you created a mark with the touchstone, the metal in your hand is real gold. In other words, if the product is real gold, the trace created by the touchstone will not be erased. If the metal in your hand is not real gold, the trace will disappear after pouring the gold carat water.

By using gold carat water, you can determine whether the metal in your hand is real or not, and you can also practically determine the setting of the products that are determined to be gold.

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