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What is a Caliper Machine? How to use?

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Published on July 2023

Jewels are the most important pieces that people admire and value from past to present. But the emergence of sparkling jewelry involves a long process that requires a lot of manual labor and delicate craftsmanship. At this point, the caliper machine, one of the most important tools in jewelry, comes into play. In the hands of a jeweler, the charnel machine curves gold, pierces silver, engraves patterns on platinum, and deftly sculpts every detail of metal.

What is a Caliper Machine?

The caliper machine used in jewelry provides shaping of precious metals in jewelry making. Precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum are processed precisely with this machine. The caliper machine can be used for a variety of operations such as cutting, drilling, rubbing, welding, smoothing surfaces, engraving patterns or shaping metal sheets. It also enables the metal to be formed into its desired shape using knives, drills, router bits and similar tools with special angles or curves.

Charnel machine is a must in jewelry to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of jewellery. Because it also allows jewelers to express their creativity. Professional jewelers can create different designs with the help of these machines. In addition, they can obtain quality jewelry pieces by carefully processing precious metals.

How to Use the Caliper Machine?

The Caliper machine usually comes attached to a base or table. The machine is fixed and placed stably. Then, height adjustment is made using the arm or wheel on the machine. The height adjustment may vary depending on the size of the metal part to be machined and the details to be machined. The metal piece to be processed later is placed in the working area under the caliper machine. Appropriate holding devices are used to fix the metal and prevent it from slipping.

The pressure on the metal part to be processed is adjusted by using the arm or wheel on the caliper machine. Repetitive motions are made for the metal to take shape and become smooth. It is necessary to be careful and controlled while performing the procedure. After the process is completed, the metal piece is removed and detailed engravings are made on the metal by applying to other jewelery tools. But before all these procedures, necessary security measures must be taken. You can use personal equipment such as safety glasses and gloves to take precautions.

Caliper Machine Types

The caliper machine may differ according to its intended use, features and design. Some of the most common types of caliper machines are:

● Electric Caliper Machine
● Hand Caliper Machine
● Semi-Automatic CaliperMachine
● Desktop Caliper Machine
● Portable Caliper Machine

Caliper machine types and names may vary according to manufacturers or brands. In this process, a caliper machine should be selected according to the needs and the budget.

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