55. Istanbul Jewelry Show | 17 - 20 April 2024

56. Istanbul Jewelry Show | 02 - 05 October 2024

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Top 10 Reason to Visit the Show and Make an Holiday in Istanbul

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Established in 1986, Istanbul Jewelry Show is the leading trade fair in the region, providing jewelry professionals interactive business opportunities. Istanbul Jewelry Show helps in the jewelry industry's growth and development by providing a platform for various companies and brands to interact.

They also host multiple manufacturers and exporters of jewelry, offering an enormous capacity of eye-catching jewelry under one roof. Now, let's go about the top 10 reasons you must visit the show and make a holiday out of it. 

  • Reason 1. Turkey's rich 7000-year-old jewelry history: Turkish jewelry industry is known for its rich 7000-year-old jewelry history. It is one of the leading producers of jewelry across the world. 
  • Reason 2. Wide variety of Turkish jewelry production: As one of the biggest and essential manufacturer centers, Turkey hosts several mounters, exporters, and manufacturers for breath-taking Turkish jewelry. 80% of the beautiful traditional Turkish jewelry is exported, provided by the contracts and business negotiations made under fair. 
  • Reason 3. Introduction of the new jewelry collection: The exhibitors in the fair will display the latest seasonal collection for the first time, exclusive to the exhibition. The various products and collections, from stones to pearls, will be exhibited. 

What the Istanbul Jewelry Show Means for Jewelry Professionals 

  • Reason 4. Opportunity for participation and business interactions: Istanbul Jewelry Show, Turkey's largest jewelry fair in the region, is a trade fair organized by Informa Markets. Usually held in March and October, the fair hosts many jewelry manufacturers from Turkey and abroad where they can participate. Since it is not a public fair, only jewelry professionals in the industry can visit the exciting fair. Istanbul Jewelry Show is one of the 5 largest International Jewelry fairs in the world. 
  • Reason 5. A single place for all your products: As a jewelry professional, you can visit the fair where several exhibitors, mainly Turkish jewelry brands, are manufacturers and buy products from them to sell in your own company. Turkey has over 7000 years of jewelry background and history; therefore, it is easy to find different eye-catching jewelry under one roof, even matching with the recent European jewelry trends. The vast capacity of jewelry manufacturing and history make Turkey the right place to provide the right products for the whole world. 

Istanbul as a Tourist Destination

  • Reason 6. Geographical location: Turkey and Istanbul's geographical location is easily accessible; tourists and business professionals prefer to visit the Istanbul Jewelry fair. 
  • Reason 7. A top touristic destination in the world: Istanbul is one of the top touristic destinations in the world. The glamorous places, shopping areas, food, and much more exciting aspects of Istanbul can be highly enjoyed. During and after the show, Istanbul welcomes you all with its dynamic sights and neighborhoods. 
  • Reason 8. Huge diversity in cultures and religions: Istanbul is home to a diversity of people, cultures, and beliefs. The city is made colorful with the various languages, jewelry, cultures, and buildings. 
  • Reason 9. Amazing Turkish cuisine: Turkey offers superb dishes, and the traditional Turkish cuisine will make you want to come back for more. 
  • Reason 10. Last but not least. Hosts one of the world's largest bazaars: Visitors and tourists should definitely visit the grand Labyrinthine Grand Bazaar, one of the world's largest bazaars. You can spend hours viewing and purchasing antiques, tiles, rugs, jewelry, and lots more. 

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