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Pantone Color of 2022: Very Peri! 

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We live in unprecedented times. Everyone is set to encourage creativity and imagination in 2022 and embrace it with joy. Pantone color institute has announced the color of the year in line with this way of thinking.

The color, ‘Very Peri,’ is under the family of blue with a pinch of violet and red added to it. This new Pantone color will be the highlight of the fashion and jewelry industry in the upcoming year, creating a new and dynamic vibe. 

Dazzling Gemstones that Match the Pantone Color 

The purple-bluish hue of Very Peri can be displayed via gemstones. Amethyst and violet sapphire are excellent choices to accessorize the jewelry designs in 2022 to portray the joyous jewelry color of Very Peri. Blue tone crystal stones can be placed gracefully over gold jewelry to give a trendy look that complements Very Peri. Spinel and tanzanite gemstones can be used in gold ear cuffs, or statement rings, as seen in Maria Kovadi’s collection or those designed by Chelsea Davy.

Jewelry that Holds Power with Colors 

The Pantone color, Very Peri, has a deep and significant meaning behind it. The color symbolizes inventiveness and creativity. In fact, there is great power in colors and how we can communicate using them. When it comes to jewelry, the uniqueness can be highlighted by creating tonal pieces. 

Necklaces and chokers can be adorned with sapphires or blue and purple crystals that can portray royalty and glamour. Turkish jewelry designers can make use of the unique purple jade found in Bursa, Turkey. The stone can be crafted into alluring jewelry pieces and designs that go with the Very Peri color.

Wedding Jewelry with the Very Peri Trend 

The Very Peri color can add charm and mystique to the wedding season. The rich shade is perfect for bridal jewelry. A sapphire ring, in the theme of Very Peri, can be the highlight of a wedding with its unique features and design. This creative jewelry color will surely deliver elegance and glamour to exemplary wedding jewelry pieces. 

Meet the World at the Jewelry Exhibition

The Istanbul Jewelry Show is one of the biggest jewelry trade fairs. You can find the best international and Turkish jewelry here. Some of the major Turkish jewelry exports negotiations are conducted at this jewelry show. The 51th edition of the Istanbul Jewelry Show will take place between 24-27 March 2022 at the Istanbul Expo Center. Subscribe to our e-newsletter by clicking here to learn when online registration is live. 


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