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Packaging as a Powerful Marketing Tool

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More than just a luxurious item, jewellery is a gift – to oneself or to others – that is rife with meaning and emotion. What better way to boost its value and desirability than a packaging design that is fitting, attractive and functional?

The importance of packaging cannot be discounted, with potential customers placing a premium on the overall appeal of a product that they are eyeing to buy. 

According to UK-based Guild of Jewellery Designers, researchers are alluding to the power of packaging as it can affect a buyer’s emotion. The group cited a research project at Zeppelin University, which found that packaging stimulates feelings of happiness and motivation. A separate study showed that three packaging components affect customer response the most: Colour, text and logo or illustration. 

US-based consultancy firm Smithers meanwhile revealed that technology will play a major role in the growth of the packaging sector. It indicated four principal drivers: Using packaging to “premiumise” a product; creating consumer connection via personalised and customised print; the growing importance of consumers in non-traditional markets; and engaging with an online sales culture.

Jewellery packaging manufacturers are answering the call and turning to innovation to help their clients market their products more efficiently. Discerning buyers can choose from an expansive array of jewellery boxes in various shapes, colours and materials, accompanied by secondary packaging such as papers or ribbons. 

Some packaging products now come with a LED light that illuminates the jewellery piece while others have magnetic locking mechanisms. Bespoke jewellery boxes are also gaining steam in the market. 

Source: JNA. This story originally appeared on JewelleryNet. Click here for more industry updates.

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