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Most Preferred Jewelry Models

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Jewelry models, which manage to shape fashion every season, continue to accompany women's elegant and assertive stances. We open the doors of the glittering jewelery world, which includes modern lines as well as vintage models that always keep their place, and help you discover the most preferred models.

The Ongoing Reign of Diamond

Diamonds, which are the reflection of delicacy and elegance, are carried to a different dimension with Baguette designs, which are among the most trendy jewelry models of recent times. Baguette rings, which crown the most special moments such as marriage proposal, stand out with their elegance and eye-catching shine. The Baget-cut diamond, with 14 chapters, is among the top jewelry models preferred by the most stylish women who embrace modern style. The Baget necklace and earrings accompany the rings show a unique integrity.

The Symbol of Elegance Waterline Bracelets

Waterline bracelets, which have the advantage of being used both daily and on special occasions with their elegant stance on the wrist, are delivered to the user with their unique designs. Among the season's most trendy accessories, bracelets are detailed with carat values. With its slim form, it is able to gain a privileged place within today's minimalist current.

Sapphire Jewels Reflecting the Most Beautiful Shade of Blue

Sapphire, which has never lost its popularity, has been one of the important jewels used in precious accessories for centuries. Blue sapphire jewels, reflecting the magic of nature, add a flawless touch to styles with their meaning and eye-catching appearance. The designs, which are candidates to be among the glamourous accessories of the season, are gaining the admiration of women.

A Classic: Five-Stone Rings

Five-stone rings continue to maintain their special place in jewelry fashion. Representing love, loyalty, happiness, peace and abundance, five-stone rings are among the most preferred as an alternative ring model in marriage proposals.

Solitaire Necklaces Reflecting the Elegance of Simplicity

Solitaire necklaces, which stand out with their minimal design, are among the indispensables of women as the most stylish complement to both daily combinations and special nights. Solitaire necklaces prove that being stylish is possible with plainness.

Colorful Touchings to Styles

Colorful jewelry for free-spirited women are among the most popular jewelry models, especially with the meaning they carry and the different energy that their colors give. Colorful designs offered in a wide range from chocolate diamonds to white pearls offer the key to both an aesthetic and sophisticated look.

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