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Jewelry Trends of 2021

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Jewelry trends of 2021 are already determined by the jewelry sector professional, trendsetters and celebrities. This year will be all about gold, silver, large chains and precious stones. Also, the all-time-favourite diamond will claim its throne in the jewelry world as well. The jewelry trends will bring a fresh start to all jewelry lovers and jewelry exporters.

Different collections exhibit the detailed craftsmanship of the jewelers. Istanbul Jewelry Show is ready to exhibit the jewelry trends of 2021. The largest Turkish jewelry fair gathers all the important stone producers, jewelers, jewelry exporters and many other professionals. Before the show, it is important to know 2021 jewelry trends to have a broad idea about the pieces that will be exhibited in the upcoming jewelry show. The experts forecast that pearls, gold, precious stones and diamonds will be the highlights of this year.

Pearl in All Jewelry

2021 will be the year of pearls. This elegant and beautiful stone is one of the most trending pieces of this year. Pearl will be combined with gold to accentuate its elegance. Pearl earrings and pearl bracelets on gold are among the most popular celebrities' jewelry. Both the perfect spherical pearls and irregular shaped pearls will be applied on different pieces.

Mismatched Earrings

The mismatched earrings will give a unique style to the wearer. The earrings are mainly made out of gold and precious stones. The key to this 2021 jewelry trend is to have two different styles on both earrings. While the one can have an extravagant gold engraving, the other pair will be simple. 

Double Chain with Gold or Silver

The gold double chain is one of the newest trends in 2021. Numerous celebrities’ jewelry has the gold or silver double chains. The interlaced pattern can be seen in necklaces as well as bracelets and earrings. The key for this jewelry trend is the huge chains interlocked to each other. The chains can consist of gold or silver. Still, the spectacular gold chain necklaces will adorn the elegant necks. 

Charm Bracelets with Precious Stones

Ruby, sapphire, emerald and any other precious stones you can think of are among the jewelry trends of 2021. Precious stones give a rich look to every jewelry. Whether it is an earring or a ring, these stones will be used generously. The big precious stones will be the main piece of the entire style. These stones will be used as the focal point of the entire jewelry piece. 

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver has always been one of the popular materials in jewelry. This year, the silver will have its one of the best years. Due to ease of use and simple look, silver jewelry fits almost all occasions. Large Sterling silver bracelets will be combined with a summer look. Also, silver necklaces will be the most preferred pieces of 2021. 

Long Pendant Necklaces

Jewelry trends of 2021 show that the necklaces are getting longer with huge pendants at the end. Although these necklaces are mainly made out of gold, there are different examples with Sterling silver as well. The most important point of this trend is to have a very long golden chain and a huge pendant at the end. 

Detailed Gold Engraving

In the previous years, gold engraving was not preferred due to grandiose look. But in 2021, the grandiose jewelry styles are the new trends. Both designers and users think the bigger the better and the more detail the better. This is why jewelry trends of 2021 have detailed gold engravings in almost all pieces. Handwork will be highlighted in golden pieces. Specifically, the detailed golden bracelets will be the hit pieces of the entire 2021. 

Diamond Continues to Be The King and The Queen

The age of diamond never ends. Diamonds have been and will be the best friend of all women. This year, men’s jewelry in addition to women’s jewelry has diamonds. Diamonds will be visible even in the daily pieces. The simplicity of these shiny stones will complement the style and further highlight the stylish pieces. 

Istanbul Jewelry Show is the most important international jewelry show organised in Istanbul. Jewellers all around the world are gathering in Istanbul Expo Center to exhibit their best jewelry products. This is a unique chance for every jewelry professional to follow the trends of the season. Take your place in Istanbul Jewelry Show now and enjoy the privilege to see the newest products of jewelry companies.  

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