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Jewelry Trends in Different Cultures

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People around the world tend to choose different jewelry products in their everyday life as well as special days. This is why jewelry trends are different among different cultures.

Understanding these trends can help jewelry manufacturers to produce the products to meet customer needs. Also, they can exhibit their products in a jewelry show to attract new professional exports. 

Handmade Gold and Silver in Turkey

The jewelry sector in Turkey is very popular. People living in this country love wearing gold jewelry. 14, 18, or 22-carat gold jewelry is among the most popular pieces preferred. Bracelets called Trabzon and Tel Kare are the traditional golden bracelet designs preferred by almost every woman in the country. 

Detailed Goldsmiths of Iran

Similar to Turkey, the most preferred jewelry in Iran is gold, as well. The gold bracelets, gold necklaces, and gold earrings are highly popular. Furthermore, Turkish jewelry products are also popular in Iran. The jewelry exporters and manufacturers from Turkey have a huge potential in this country. 

Valuable Jewelry Gifts Across UK

In contrast to Turkey and Iran, the trends for the UK jewelry market was diamond and other precious stones. However, this trend has been changing in recent years. Consumers are starting to choose gold with precious stones so the exporters are focusing on such products. The jewelry is often bought as gifts in this country. Therefore, smaller products such as bracelets and earrings are very popular. 

A Mixed Selection of Jewelry in the US

The US market is a mixture of everything. While US consumers prefer diamond especially for engagement, gold and silver jewelry are preferred in everyday use. Young people started to choose simpler but chic products without too much detail. Still, diamond continues to be the top jewelry product in this market. 

Dazzling Gold and Diamonds from Saudi Arabia

Jewelry trends in Saudi Arabia are all about glamour and glittering. Gold and diamond are the most important materials in jewelry design. Turkish jewelry with its detailed gold engraving is highly popular in this country. On daily basis, men and women loves to wear their jewelleries all the time.  

Jewelry Is All About Glamour in Qatar

Similar to Saudi Arabia, the jewelry trends in Qatar include large pieces with detailed designs. Again, Turkish jewelry designs are popular in this country as well. Ruby, emerald, sapphire, and diamond are the popular stones that Qatar people prefer. 

Istanbul Jewelry Show is one of the most comprehensive Turkish jewelry show organised in Turkey. The show offers a great chance for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and many more to exhibit their cultural jewelry products. The diverse jewelry trends of different countries all over the world are showcased in this show. The show will be held on 27-30 May 2021 at Istanbul Expo Center. Take your place in one of the largest jewelry shows around the world to get the chance to make business deals with professionals.   Discover the trends of different countries to offer these trends to your future customers. Subscribe to Istanbul Jewelry Show e-newsletter to get notifications about the updates. 

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