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Jewelry Purchasing Behavior/Habits of Generation Z

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Changes and novelties emerging in the world direct customers into different channels. Especially the expectations of the new generation have resulted in the birth of diverse communication channels. Communication experts and scientists have made numerous analysis revealing that generation Z is the top determining factor in our times when inter-generation interaction is at its peak.

The digital system that came about with the Industry 4.0 revolution, has affected especially Generation Z and determined their unique characteristics. Just like any other sector, jewelry industry as well is being influenced and has been changing as a result of these changes. Thus, characteristics and purchasing habits and behavior of generation Z is very important. 

Characteristics of Generation Z

Known as the generation of technology, generation Z is known as the generation preceding Generation Alpha and born between years 1995-2015. Generation Z which dislikes authoritarianism and prefer friendship over superior-subordinate type of relationship, is characterized by individuality, skepticism and cynicism, strong association of socialization and digitalization, placing little emphasis on one’s internet presence, quick access to knowledge and focusing on results rather than causes.

Generation Z loves all-in-one sets more and have an integrative rather than separative mindset. Aware of its presence in a global world, this generation has strong visual memory and is influenced by digital  areas like artificial intelligence simulation and 3D. 

Purchasing Behavior and Habits of Generation Z

Purchasing behavior and habits of generation Z can be outlined as follows:

  • Generation Z prefers famous brands.
  • Prefers to pay in installment when shopping.
  • Generation Z perceives shopping as a socialization tool.
  • For Generation Z, quality is more important than the physical value of the product.
  • Generation Z spends more money on products used by social media influences and celebrities.
  • Generation Z prefers online shopping over face-to-face shopping.

What can be done for Generation Z?

Below are activities that can be carried out to target Generation Z in the jewelry sector:

  • You can create successful social media campaigns.
  • You can maintain effective communication with your audience by keeping your website up-to-date.
  • You can be one step ahead of competition with an effective SEO management strategy.
  • You can create effective website traffic via presence on multiple social media platforms.
  • You can establish global presence via internet marketing.
  • You can improve brand awareness via interactive posts.
  • You can create a new customer pool by developing your own creative strategies. 

The Favorite Jewelry Items of Generation Z are at Istanbul Jewelry Show

You can find the favorite jewelry varieties of Generation Z at Istanbul Jewelry Show. As one of world’s top five jewelry trade events, Istanbul Jewelry Show; has assumed the mission of pioneering the jewelry industry in the ever-changing global scape. You can catch the latest trends at this exhibition which is highly preferred due to Turkey’s ease of access and Istanbul’s attractiveness as a tourism hot spot.  The exhibition which can be attended only by jewelry professionals will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between 27-30 May2021. You can sign up for e-newsletter to get detailed information about the exhibition.

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