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Important Communication Recommendations For Exhibitors

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Istanbul Jewelry Show is one of the largest events in its area that fuel growth in the jewelry industry and help establish new business partnerships. Thanks to this exhibition which is organized twice a year, exhibitors and visitor companies get the opportunity to sign long-term business deals.

The companies participating in the Istanbul Jewelry Show, which is closely followed by international visitors, should determine the most effective communication methods as well as design their marketing activities. With these important recommendations regarding communication strategies to be used before, during and after the exhibition, that need attention, you can maximize the benefit you get from the exhibition.  

Pre-Exhibition Communication 

• On your social media accounts, share announcement about your participation in the exhibition as well as your booth number.   

By sharing information about the exhibition as well as your booth number via your social media accounts, you will be informing your potential customers and encouraging them to visit your booth. Also, by using tags related to the exhibition in your posts, you would be attracting your potential customers’ attention in advance. 

• Place your booth number in your company e-mail signature block.  

After your booth number is provided to you, you can place text including Istanbul Jewelry Show dates and your booth number in the e-mail signature blocks of your employees, thus informing your current customers and business partners about the exhibition. Similarly, it would be very beneficial to place your booth number on your website and your ad text.  
• Make sure to update your company page on MarkitMakr before the exhibition date. 

Exhibitors of Istanbul Jewelry Show will be able to add company information, products and categories to their company pages on MarkitMakr platform and meet visitors who contact them via the platform prior to the exhibition.

• Hire enough personnel to provide expert information about your products during the exhibition.  

Because Istanbul Jewelry Show hosts thousands of visitors during its four days, many visitors, both local and international would stop by your booth. Thus, it is crucial to have in your booth, expert personnel ready to answer all kinds of questions about your products that may come from each visitor. 

• Make sure that you have sufficient catalogs/brochures and business cards at your booth.

 In addition to getting verbal information, potential customers visiting your booth may also want to read your catalogs and brochures to get additional information. Thus, it is very important that your printed material include all information that you’d like your potential customers to know. If you will not be distributing these catalogs and brochures digitally, you need to have sufficient number of printed materials for this purpose.

• Invite your customers to the exhibition and encourage them for online visitor registration. 

 You can direct your visitors who you invite to the exhibition to the exhibition website to register online. Visitors that register online will not have to wait in line to register at the gate and will be able to get their visitor batches and enter quickly just by showing their business cards or IDs. 

Communication During the Exhibition 

•  Adopt an easy-to-understand communication style and establish eye-contact with visitors coming to your booth.

According to a study by Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov, two professors of psychology from Princeton University, we are able to decide how loveable, trustable or skilled a person is even after seeing that person’s face only for as short as tenth of a second. This judgement at first sight is shaped by facial expressions, outfits, and mimics of the person in front of us. Your potential customer visiting your booth and will be meeting you for the first time may decide whether or not to do business with you even after seeing you from far. According to studies by Willis and Todorov, a smile on your face would make the other person believe that you are trustworthy.  

• Share with your visitors the solutions you offer for their needs and exchange business cards with each visitor.  

Even though there are mobile apps for exchanging business cards thanks to digital revolution, printed business cards are still highly popular. Exchanging business cards is seen as an indicator of the respect shown both to the business and to the other person by most people and especially by those from the Far East countries. Because Istanbul Jewelry Show brings a large number of international jewelry experts from many countries including those in Far East, numerous potential customers and business partners will be visiting your booth. You should ensure to have enough number of business cards at your booth to stay in touch with your contacts in the long term. 

•Make sure to separate and categorize the business cards you receive during the exhibition right after you receive them to avoid clutter later.   

Many international jewelry professionals visit Istanbul Jewelry Show to find solutions to their varying business needs. During the busy 4 days, you may exchange business cards with some companies or individuals, but you may not be able to remember their demands. To avoid this, it is better to categorize the business cards and even to staple them on a notebook and write down meeting notes relevant for each card underneath that card.    

Share the photos you’ve taken during the exhibition on your social media accounts. 

Today, Social media channels are among the most important communication channels. Your individual and corporate customers can easily follow the latest developments and news from your company and brand from your social media posts. Sharing your exhibition photos on your social media accounts with appropriate tags, is the easiest and fastest way to inform your potential customers from the exhibition and your existing customers.  

Post-Exhibition Communication

• E-mail the individuals you received business cards from during the exhibition, regarding your meeting and remind yourself to them.

You would be contacting a large number of potential customers and business partners during the four busy days of the exhibition. In such fast-paced and crowded meeting environment, both exhibitors and visitors may have hard time remembering the people they met later. Thus,  e-mailing the individuals that visited your booth and gave you their cards until the exhibition evening at the latest and reminding them about yourself and the company in a written format is crucial for ensuring long-term presence in their minds about you and your company.

• Prepare the orders you received and offers you made during the exhibition and contact your customers right away.

During the busy exhibition environment, you may not be able to respond to orders or price requests you receive during the exhibition immediately. However, you will need to respond to their orders and/or price requests based on the customer database you compiled and categorized at the end of the exhibition.  

•Don’t forget to add the contact information of customers and/or potential customers that you met during the exhibition to your database to establish a long-term business relation with them. 

As you know, data is everything. Because of this, personal information of each and every one of us is protected by Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK). People whose contact information you gained access to via business card exchanges or paper forms will be considered to have consented to receive e-mails/SMS from you. By sending e-mails or SMS messages on a regular basis, you can reach your target audience and update them about the novelties and things they need to know about your company and your brand.   

The show will be held on 7-10 October 2021 at Istanbul Expo Center. Take your place in one of the largest jewelry shows around the world to get the chance to make business deals with professionals.   Discover the trends of different countries to offer these trends to your future customers. Subscribe to Istanbul Jewelry Show e-newsletter to get notifications about the updates. 

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