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How to Care for Your Jewelry

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Jewelry has been an important accessory throughout history. As it is usually worn to enhance the wearer’s beauty, it is essential to care for jewelry properly. Through jewelry care can ensure that it lasts for a long time. 

It also helps in avoiding scratches or other unsuitable marks on your precious jewelry. This article features some valuable tips for gold jewelry care and silver jewelry care. 

Jewelry Care Suggestions for Precious Gold Jewelry 

Gold is an expensive and valuable metal, and naturally, gold jewelry is a major investment for most people. If it is well taken care of, gold jewelry can last for multiple lifetimes and be passed on from generation to generation! Here are some suggestions for gold jewelry care. 

  • Keep your gold jewelry items away from strong chemicals, especially chlorine. Similarly, many cleaning products (and even make-up) contain caustic chemicals that can tarnish your gold jewelry. Do not wear them when you go for a swim, do not use harsh chemicals to clean your gold jewelry, and wear your make-up before putting on jewelry. 
  • Clean your gold jewelry regularly, especially those items that you wear daily. Since these jewelry items usually have intricate designs, it is very easy for dirt and dust to settle into the grooves. Clean the jewelry pieces with a soft cloth every week. You may also clean with water and mild soap every month. This will ensure that your gold jewelry remains sparkly and stunning! 
  • Store your gold jewelry neatly in jewelry boxes. They are usually lined with soft material like velvet or satin, which will protect the valuable pieces. Do not lump them all together in one box, and make sure you use the different compartments appropriately. 

Gold jewelry care also extends beyond regular care at home. Make sure you take your jewelry pieces to a professional once a year for maintenance.  



Protect Your Silver Items with this Jewelry Care Guide  

Silver is versatile, and silver jewelry pieces can be used as an accessory for different fashion looks. Of course, this means silver jewelry care is vital to keep it shiny and long-lasting.  

  • Regularly polish your silver jewelry. Use a soft cloth and wipe the items. A brush that has soft bristles can reach the areas that have intricate designs and grooves. This will clear any dust or grime that could be present. Do not use paper or cloth made of harsh materials. Use warm water and mild soap for a more thorough cleaning. 
  • Keep it dry as much as possible. Do not wear silver jewelry pieces to the pool or in the bath. 
  • Exposure to perfumes or lotions can also spoil silver jewelry. Care for it by putting on the perfume first, let it dry and then wear the jewelry. 
  • Storage is also very critical. Place your silver jewelry pieces in boxes lined with soft material. Do not crowd them all in one big box. 

These simple practices will prevent scratching and will ensure that your jewelry lasts for a long time. Protect your prized treasures with appropriate jewelry care. 

Meet the World at the Jewelry Exhibition

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