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High and Refined: Luxury Jewellery Masterpieces Unveiled

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The world’s most influential luxury houses are shining the light on their latest high jewellery collections inspired by life, nature and beauty. At the centre of each jewellery piece are the most scintillating white and fancy colour diamonds, and coloured gemstones that further highlight the collections’ design-centric motifs.

Design is king in the glittering and glamorous world of high jewellery. Inspired by vivid colours, experiences and nature, luxury jewellery houses are unravelling the many facets of life with their latest collections featuring innovative new designs alongside fresh iterations of classic favourites.

Visual Delight

A mesmerising amalgamation of greens, blues, yellows and pinks interspersed with platinum and 18-karat gold dominates the 2021 edition of Tiffany & Co’s iconic Blue Book Collection. Celebrating the colours of nature, the jewellery pieces breathe life into lush botanicals through crisp green tourmalines and rare Colombian emeralds, and to blue seas and underwater fauna using evocative aquamarines, tsavorites and sapphires. Spinel stones or yellow and orange sapphires meanwhile represent enchanting hues that outline the sky.“

Illuminating the collection’s prismatic spirit is a curated palette of gem varieties encompassing a full spectrum of colour on two showstopping necklaces, including the house’s legacy gems, tanzanite and kunzite, which Tiffany introduced to the world over the course of the 20th century,” the jeweller said.

The 2021 Blue Book Collection, Colors of Nature, reunites famed jewellery designer Jean Schlumberger’s superlative creations with Tiffany’s high jewellery designs, which highlight innovative settings that best showcase exceptional and bespoke-cut diamonds. The book features nearly 600 jewellery masterpieces.

Dior’s new high jewellery collection, RoseDior, meanwhile pays homage to the enduring beauty of a rose – Christian Dior’s favourite flower. Victoire de Castellane, Dior’s renowned artistic director, created floral-inspired necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and brooches adorned with diamonds and coloured gems expressed in clear and fluid tonalities.

The finest pink sapphires and spinel stones, Paraiba tourmalines and tsavorites, to name a few, perfectly capture the delicate allure of rose petals. “Unfurling their graceful corolla, each ring is a bouquet in itself, bursting with verdant tsavorites and triangular-cut emeralds with a bluish tinge, sparkling with emerald-cut diamond buds, or a kaleidoscope of green, blue, yellow and pink with a pistil in lozenge-cut pink spinel weighing more than 4 carats,” remarked the jewellery maison. The collection presents 54 masterful pieces.

Sparkling Exoticism

Bulgari describes its Serpenti Viper Collection as a “continuous evolution” that places the house at the forefront of innovation. This latest reinterpretation of the beloved Serpenti series showcases a flexible modular construction featuring the snake’s scales carefully hinged together and inserted one by one.

The pieces wrap around the body like a powerful armour, noted Bulgari. Available in three gold colours, the collection now has an unprecedented wide selection of bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. The bracelets and rings come in a “double wrapping” of pink and white gold. Plain gold “scales” are also embellished with diamonds to enrich the pieces’ overall look.

Luxury jeweller Cartier is also relying on iconic jewellery pieces to attract the attention of contemporary buyers. Sought-after Cartier classics such as Cartier LOVE, Juste un Clou and Panthère de Cartier diamond bracelets were worn throughout Netflix’s hit reality series, Bling Empire, according to the company.

Van Cleef & Arpels’ legendary Zip necklace also continues to entice the world of luxury jewellery. Often described as a “masterpiece of ingenuity,” the Zip necklace is one of Van Cleef & Arpels’ boldest creations. Famously inspired by the mundane zipper, this celebrated luxury piece has seen many artistic adaptations, including classic diamond-studded versions in yellow or white gold as well as those embellished with coloured gemstones. The Zip Antique Orient necklace, which transforms into a bracelet, features a stunning combination of blue sapphires, lapis lazuli, turquoise, chalcedony, white cultured pearls and diamonds in white gold.

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