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7 Easy Ways to Boost Social Media Presence for Jewelers

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Technological advancements and increased variety of communication channels, have an impact on consumer behavior as much as on daily habits.Today, consumers prefer shopping only over traditional shopping and choose to gather enough information prior to purchasing a product or service and benefit from other users’ experiences. And right at this point, social media emerges as a unique and indispensable tool for consumers and brands alike.

Today, companies have to be present on social media in order to maintain and improve their brand images and to better respond to incoming consumer feedback. As competitive environment gets tougher, as is the case in other sectors, jewelry sector as well needs to should be present on social media and develop strategies that will place the brands at the forefront. In addition to physical stores, you might as well want to actively use online sales channels to reach new customers.

Online shopping which becomes more and more widespread everyday via ever increasing number of e-commerce websites, online sales channels, mobile apps and similar applications, is highly preferred for jewelry market as well. If you wish to boost social media presence of your brand and have improved visibility in the increasingly competitive world of e-commerce, you can try out the 7 methods listed below.

Making Peace with Social Media

One of the perquisites of increased social media presence is of course to have social media accounts and to use these platforms actively. According to a 2020 report by We Are Social, total number of global social media users is 3.81 billion. And total number of social media users in our country has already reached 54 million. In other words, 64% of Turkey’s population are social media users. And this number continues to increase year by year.

Social media is an indispensable part of our social lives as much as it is of our daily lives. When this is the case, refusing to use social media actively is equivalent to giving up on a certain customer pool on purpose. Don’t forget that social media is an important marketing tool that introduces companies and brands directly to their target audiences. And it does that at a much lower cost compared to traditional advertising channels. Thus, being open to the digital world and its novelties, making peace with social media and carrying your brand onto digital platforms would place you one step ahead of your competition.

You as well can be active on social media with your social media strategy designed in line with your brand identity and stay in touch with your target audience by developing your unique language to communicate with them.

Establish Trust by Keeping Your Website Up-to-Date

In today’s world where traditional methods have been thrown to the shelves, consumers prefer to directly reach the companies rather than collecting information from different sources. Thus, a website is a must-have for any business. You can think of your website as your store in the digital world. Your website should offer a certain degree of functionality and have order just like a physical office or a store. You need to keep your content up-to-date. Sharing basic information like your contact information, product range, services and social media accounts with your customers would establish trust towards both your brand and your website.

If you’re a company making sales online you must pay utmost attention to your website’s security. You must ensure your customers’ personal information and payment details are secure at all times. With SSL certificates you will obtain for your website, you can prevent malicious third-party access to website visitor information. By establishing an encrypted network between your website and your website visitor, these certificates ensure your visitors’ personal information are secure. This way you would be able to protect both your website and your company’s reputation in case of a cyber-attack.

Also, you need to make sure that the product information provided on your website is accurate. For instance, a content where product title doesn’t match the product visual would result in confusion and lack of trust on the part of the customer. Thus, make sure to check your website regularly and make necessary updates. 

Effective SEO will Place you Ahead of Competition

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important steps you need to take that would place you ahead of your competition. The goal with SEO is to obtain higher ranking on search results on search engines to draw organic traffic to your website. Ensuring top positions in organic search results means more than just accessibility. Ranking high on search results is directly associated with higher reputation and trustability and better brand image from the perspective of customers. Thus, ensuring higher organic ranking boosts your reputation in customers’ eyes and increases trust. This way as your website’s popularity increases, you would receive more traffic to your website, and more of your online visitors turn into customers. 

Key to ensuring success of your SEO efforts, is having hood knowledge of your important keywords. Factors such as having unique content focusing on keywords, having high quality links to and from your website, having robust website infrastructure and short loading times would have direct impact on your SEO efforts. At this point you can make use of SEO tools some of which are free and some are paid. One of these tools is Google Search Console, which offers basic functionality which you must use.

In addition to providing large-scale opportunities for your website, it also provides you support in terms of mobile responsiveness and detecting broken webpage links. It also helps you make use of Google Analytics which provides insight about your website traffic and other Google products. 

Presence on Different Social Media Platforms

Every social media platform is unique. Before making comments on a social media platform, one needs to learn about the structure of that platform, listen to or read others’ comments and act in line with the rules. Thus, in order to overcome competition and promote your brand effectively on social media platforms, you need to develop a strategy that is suitable to that specific platform. Being present on different social media platforms, offers a great opportunity to analyze users’ attitudes towards the brand. You can display your jewelry designs on Instagram, offer professional information on the profession of jewelry on LinkedIn and reach larger audiences via your specific hashtags on Twitter.

In addition, being present on multiple social media platforms, also has certain SEO benefits. Don’t forget that Google places great emphasis on signals coming from social media accounts. Thus, you need to place great importance on using your social media accounts actively. When you share your content on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram organic traffic from these platforms to your website would be created. This traffic would improve your brand awareness and draw more customer to your e-commerce website via Google. 

Go Global with Online Advertising

Online ads help promote your brand globally and reach a larger audience compared to traditional advertising. Also, because it gives you detailed targeting options, it helps you to pinpoint your customers. Ability to correctly analyze and select your target audience and show them the correct ads help lower your advertising costs.

Among the reasons why online ads are preferred over other channels are their ability to directly reach the target audience, serve multiple ads at once and the ability to measure ad performance. Online ads are performance based and are result oriented. You can analyze and report ad performance in detail and improve your future ad campaigns based on these results. 

Be Interactive to Attract Attention

Thanks to creative strategies, it’s not hard at all to beat competition. Especially thanks to interactive communication with your target audience, you can offer a totally unique experience to your customers. Being in touch with your customers puts you one step ahead of competition. To convey them the message that you value their opinions and needs, communicate with them actively. You can be in touch with them actively by applying strategies like online customer services, active social media posts and e-marketing. You can also make use of live interaction on social media platforms in order to reinforce one-to-one communication with them.

Make a Difference with Creative Moves

Just like any other sector, jewelry sector as well changes and transforms over time. By following these developments closely and adapting to these changes as a brand would make your company more active and current. For this purpose, you can follow websites and social media accounts related to jewelry, get information about events like jewelry exhibitions and get the latest on products and services by visiting these exhibitions.

Istanbul Jewelry Show, which is one of the biggest of such events brings together under a single roof, high quality products by serving as a common platform for professionals of the jewelry industry. To get more information about Istanbul Jewelry Show which is among the top five jewelry exhibitions in the world, and to get the latest developments about the jewelry industry, don’t forget to sign up for the E-Newsletter.

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